Quick Reference Cheat Sheets?

I am thrilled to have learned about TAGing! My almost 11 year old DS has had t1d for 10 years and I have been looking for a formula to deal with fats and proteins. I am definitely going to start experimenting with TAGing. I know carbs and calories very well, but don’t know fats and proteins. I have a scale and good ipad app for carbs, fats and proteins, but does anyone have a ready made word or excel document that I can tape to the kitchen cabinet with the carbs/fats/proteins for common foods?

Taking the time to figure out tedious math and boluses is tricky with a boy who can inhale 2 platefuls of food before I even blink. I’m afraid doing a search for every single food on my app will just take too long. Need something faster! I can make my own spreadsheet if I have to but thought I’d ask here first.

Hi BrendaK,

I am not sure a one page document that would match your particular eating habits exists. For some, a short document would consist of many processed foods, others would have the more basic unprocessed foods like dairy, fruits vegetables and meat, while low carbers would have mostly high fat and protein foods. You may have to re-ask your question after providing some details of your particular diet.

For a solution that you can use independent of whatever diet you eat, I use an iPad app called MyNet Diary to enter my foods and quantity. The app tells me the macro nutrients, as well as a few micronutrients in the food I eat. I can enter the quantity in several different units and get a breakdown of the food item as well as the composite meal. I think the app is available also for the iPhone, but since it needs an internet connection to check the database, I don’t think an iTouch would work.The nice thing about the database is that it also contains foods that other users have contributed, so you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel (meal). You can easily make foods you eat often a favorite so that you don’t have to search for them. When in the kitchen, I keep my iPad on the counter top to quickly look up foods

Once you have your quick reference, use Ben’s spreadsheet from this thread to make the TAG math easy.

BrendaK, what app for carbs, fat, and protein finding do you use? Ricardo, I checked out the MyNetDiary and it looks good. Does it have a bg tracker on it as well? I haven’t found one yet that does but it would be nice. Last I checked, Livestrong had the bg feature on the actual site but not on the app version… Oh well, we just used an app called Simplenote and entered in all the stuff our dtr eats etc…and use that, updating as needed. She has an ipod touch which we download this info to and send with her to uncles, grandma’s, etc… but it does have internet access so we could possibly use the MyNetDiary.

I use Calorie Counter by FatSecret. It doesn’t track blood glucose, but you can add your own notes for each day. It’s more for weight loss, but I love it for the huge food database.

Ricardo, thanks for your response, I know of that a cheat sheet would have to be customized, but thought I’d ask! I’ve seen good cheat sheets for carb factors. I’m going to have to make my own for TAGing!

Haven’t started officially trying this yet (though I did try it with dinner one time this week and it went great.) DS had track and field day at school yesterday and today we are going to the pool, so everything is off. We’re having chicken for dinner tonight, so I’ll start with that.

Hi Lori,

MyNetDiary tracks various parameters such as body weight and blood pressure, but I do not see a specific place to track blood glucose. However, it does have a daily notes section and I imagine BG can be tracked there.

Regarding the iTouch, my understanding is the iTouch lacks the ability for cellular communication, so if you have internet access, you are probably doing it over WiFi. You probably have WiFi at home and at the grandparents, which enables internet access. If you are in a restaurant that lacks WiFi, you may not have internet access for the iTouch.

The iPad and iPhone can communicate over both WiFi and cellular. When I am mobile, I can access the internet with my iPad, but not my iTouch, unless I am near a WiFi hotspot.

We have just started TAGging but I have an app on my iPod called CalcMadeEasyFree. It has notes and a calculator. I use the notes (one per food) to log carbs, fat and protein for that food. When I calculate, it automatically puts the calculations on the notes from the calculator.
As he eats new foods, I just figure it out and make a new note with the name of that food for future reference. It helps because most foods we bolus the extended amount for 0.5 per hour but with pizza we have to do 1u per hour. Nice to have a note about that - I’d never remember the variations like that.