Quik note re Dex 6 and Snow!

Just a quick FYI. I was one who got 11 inches of snow a few days ago and while it’s begun to melt, many inches are still on my deck. I went out to replace ice with water for birds. Three plus hours later after being busy on phone and laptop with volunteer issues, I realized my Dex G6 was missing. Total house search x2 or 3 until finally went to deck and there it was down in the snow, totally wet.
I covered it with tissues to dry it outside and laid it aside. Then expecting it to be dead, I picked it up and punched button. yippee! There’s the number, It’s still cold but working. Maybe it needs a blankie wrap but I feel lucky because I also walked front and back yards bird feeding. I don’t know how it dropped out of shirt pocket where it was. I think it fell out into my layers when I bent over to get the frozen water bowl then slid out a few steps later.
Too much info maybe but again, I feel lucky!!



I’m glad to hear that your G6 receiver seems to be functional after sitting in the snow.

If you are close to a Staples, they have a device called a TekDry that is useful for phones and other devices that have gotten wet.

It is basically a vacuum chamber filled with desiccant pellets. You power the device off, put it in the chamber which is pumped down for 30 minutes that evaporates and sucks out all the moisture.

I think that this costs $40-45 and they only charge you if your device works after it is removed from the chamber.

Other places probably also have the TekDry machine, but Staples is the most widespread chain that has it.

While I haven’t needed this for a G6 receiver, it has saved a phone for me. Note: if I ever wanted to use this on a pump, I would remove the cartridge and infusion set, before putting it in the TekDry.

Stay safe!


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a bag of uncooked rice is supposed to work as well…