Dexcom G5 Receivers

So my daughter decided to go swimming with her dexcom receiver still strapped around her waist. Does anybody know of any second hand receivers. I really don’t want to spend 400 on a new receiver.

Dexcom will send you a ONE TIME replacement for a huge discount.

They sell them for 499. The one time replacement is 399.

that’s not what they quoted me!! are we talking about a touchscreen or non-touchscreen? perhaps we are talking about 2 different receivers. If so, perhaps you can get the non-touch , unless they refuse to sell you that one.

I don’t know. What did they quote you? I live in Canada.

ah. there’s your problem. :slight_smile: j/k. $200 US. If someone loses/breaks a second one, then they charge full-bore for another replacement(s).

Lol. Problem. I should mention that. 200 compared to 400. It’s not like it’s a dairy product. Why is it so much more here. Lol!!

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Well, aren’t Lee Valley tools pretty pricey in the US? :slight_smile: I’ve spent my share of dollars on their fine Veritas hand planes–my goodness they are expensive!!

If you’re okay with a non-touchscreen one, I’d be happy to mail you mine. I think I set it up when I first got it but haven’t used it since, thanks to the phone app. It’s just collecting dust.

I just saw that you live in Canada :weary:.

Well, if anyone needs a receiver that reads in mg/dL, the offer stands.

Please note that offers to buy, sell or swap prescribed items on this forum is not permitted.

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I was only inquiring where buy. Not asking.

Check out Reddit diabetes groups or post there a message (since mmol/l is harder to find). I often see people there who are giving out or selling what they don’t need any more.

Sometimes they pop up on ebay. Thats a real bummer.

We’ve decided just to go with the iPhone. I have a backup 5s in case something goes wrong or my daughter decided to swim with it again.

As of today the exchange rate for $199 US dollars is equal to $264 Canadian dollars. So that is probably part of the issue. Bummer about that receiver though.

Bummer. I’ve done that accidentally with my pump.

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We only use our receiver as a back up. Primarily we use our daughter’s iPhone. In fact the receiver has never even been out of the box. Our 8 year old had swim lessons last month and no issues with the G5 other than losing data while she was in the pool. A phone might be a cheaper option than a new receiver.

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We are doing that now. I managed to get a second iPhone 5 from a friend as a backup. We are on vacation now in Florida and the G5 is working great. Doesn’t take long to reestablish the signal after a swim.

I don’t know where else to post this. I am among those who don’t like the new touchscreen receiver. Fortunately, I don’t have to look at it because I have the Tslim x2. Anyway, my CDE killed my last regular receiver by both stopping and shutting down the receiver.

But luck is with me. I found two older receivers. I have plugged them in and one seems to work. The other one charges, little green boxes going across screen, but I haven’t gotten it to do anything else. If there is some techie, who also dislikes the touch screen, who wants to try and make it work. I will send it to you.