Random Acts of Kindness

I would like to propose an action or thought.
First let me tell you that i have really enjoyed wishing people a Happy Birthday, now that i know where the birthday list is located. Occasionally I miss a day much to my regret. Last week on Valentines Day, my fingers were busy sending out Valentine wishes too, and i really enjoyed that too. I didn’t get to everyone, but will try to catch more people with something else.
The point I am trying to make is the contacting people with some little uplifting thing.
The action or thought I want to propose is exactly that. What if we saw something that we particularly admired, that someone did and we sent a personl note to say how comforted we were by that person’s actions. What if we saw a particular thing that made us think of something great in our past or childhood and we sent a personal; note to thank the other person. What if we just selected a person from our family to say hello to because we wanted to so so What if, for a million other reasons What if we sent a note to someone just for the fun of it and we brightened that person’s day or we sent good wishes for a holiday or because we wanted to make a difference for someone.
Each of us chooses what we want to do for a day. What if we did some random act of kindness because we wanted to make one of our family members know how much they are loved and cared about. And the next day we chose another.
Each of us knows how hard some days are to get through. But if someone else just stops by for a moment and says to one person that they are cared about and that they matter, do you think that would perk up a day? You could make it a personal message. No one else needs to know what you say it could be as small as a single sentence.
Please think about this. Tell me what you think. How would you feel about getting or sending a note?

Fantastic idea, Sandy! Sometimes I see a member who is in a bad way, and needs a kind word, or perhaps someone who’s written a blog or discussion, and no one has responded, and I think of how I’d feel. I also like to send links to older discussions, or to another member’s page or a group that may be helpful to someone. I’m also always amazed at our members’ compassion, knowledge, respect, and tenderness, and sometimes send a comment to thank them for being here. I enjoy our members’ creativity, and comment on their photos and videos, too. We mustn’t forget our administrators who work to keep us safe from those who are not sharing our values. You’re right, a single sentence could make someone’s day!


What an idea! I’ve also been a fan of “senseless acts of kindness” for many years. I jokingly call it “senseless” because I find it fun to do these things; mostly anonymous.

I love the idea because I know how I feel when someone sends me a note. I anxiously await for the message that tells me I have a comment to approve. It would be neat if everyone thought that way. Sometimes, just a positive atta boy, etc. puts the gloss on the day.

Let’s do it!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I am game. :slight_smile: I love to make people feel better!