Random expiration alarms

Have any of you had a random expiration alarm? I am almost completely certain that my pod wasn’t to be changed until the evening. Well, I usually keep the change at night so that it will just be easier with my schedule. The batteries on the PDM were low when I woke up one morning and I went ahead and checked my BG and bolused for breakfast and had an extended bolus. All of a sudden I had an alarm that my pod had expired and I had to change it. I’m fairly new with the pod so is this something that any of you have experienced? I just thought it was strange. I hadn’t gone over my insulin that had been injected into the pod and I really think if it had been giving me an alarm all night to change the pod that I would have awakened. Anyway, Insulet says they haven’t heard of this…or at least my rep hasn’t. Insight?

Yes, it has happened to me… It just failed. I am traveling and it has happened again. When I get back to my home, early Sept, I will contact Insulet to replace the failed pod. This particulat instance, I had changed it the night before…

Yes, Chris -
This has happened to me COUNTLESS times! No unusual at all. (aggravating, yes. but not terriibly unusual). When it happens to me, I just go ahead and change the pod…no use calling in to Insulet as you have experienced! Just suck it up and move ahead! Good luck and PEACE!

Hi CC…the pod is not thinking it is time for a pod change, you have just had a pod failure or an occlusion…the insulin dosing has stopped for some reason. I have had it happen when I have bumped it, when the site has become inflamed, or for whatever unknown reason. Sometimes it seems to happen more frequently with a certain box of the product, and some people have had more than their fair share of pod failures, but over all it is unusual. If it happens when you are filling the pod, Insulet will replace it.

Thanks you guys. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one. I will call them to replace some others that I have failed to give the double beep when I was filling it. as well as this one. What’s weird is that it continued to dose and it didn’t say it was occluded…just it had expired.

I’ve seen this issue a few times in using Omnipod’s for almost 2 years now. You can check the history on your PDM by going to the All History under My Records. It should show the alarm specifically and what happened. Just contact Omnipod have them replace the unit you feel expired prematurely.

The other thing I’ve noticed is if the time stamp on your PDM isn’t correct, the expiration notice and time will be correspondingly incorrect. The time does get reset when you remove the batteries and needs to be resync’d when you do that.

Those are my thoughts. :slight_smile: