I am so sick of well meaning people who think they know about diabetes because they have a friend with it and think they have the right to lecture me when I state I have a low blood sugar or tell me I am eating to many carbs or eating to many calories. Right now I am breast feeding and it is taking a toll on my blood sugars. I am not taking any bolus insulin before meals and I have reduced my basal insulin by 50% and I am still having lows several hours after eating meals even with a lot of carbs. Before lunch today I was 105, not to bad considering I had 2 pieces of toast, 2 eggs, hashbrowns, and a kiwi for breakfast and I took no insulin. 3 hours after lunch which consisted of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese I am sitting at 59. Again I took no insulin knowing that I would be ok without it. I said something to a friend of mine that I was low and he started going off on me and telling me I needed to be eating right and taking care of myself and that just because I am saying I am taking care of myself doesn’t mean I am actually doing as most diabetics lie. This guy has no experience with diabetics other than a few friends who are Type 2. Of course being tired and having a low blood sugar didn’t help my mood any and I really laid into him and told him off and told him when he became a Doctor and knew more about diabetes than a diabetic that lives it day in and day out and has excellent control then he can lecture me. Of course I wasn’t quite as nice in saying it to him as I was right there, but damn it I am sick of everyone thinking they know more than a person that lives with this. And yes I realize this is something that every diabetic deals with, well meaning friends that just plain and simple ■■■■ us off.
Even my mom right now is getting on my nerves. The other night I grabbed a Sprite to drink, my blood sugar was 46 and we have discovered if I drink juice then the baby gets diarrhea and if I drink milk she spits up a lot. So my choices on what I can drink to get my sugar up when low is pretty limited. She chewed me out and told me I needed to be drinking water. I didn’t say a word to her as I knew the only thing that would come out of my mouth at this point wouldn’t be to nice and she wouldn’t understand if I told her it was because I was low, so I just went out onto the porch with my Sprite and sat on the porch screen until I got my blood sugar up. I do have to give my mom credit though, she is going to a Diabetes Education Class this week to learn more, but I am sure it will be mainly directed at Type 2’s and oral medications, but at least she is trying to learn more about what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Wow Cody, I had no idea that breastfeeding could change your insulin needs that much! Sorry to hear that you are dealing with all these lows!

And yes, we understand the frustrations! It’s great that your mom will go to the diabetes education classes. I hope that will help her understand your situation.

Oh Cody, I’m so sorry! Keep the strength, you’re doing great taking care of yourself AND your baby!

I once asked my mom to pass the bread, and she said no, I needed to lose weight and going for seconds wasn’t the way to do it. I was low, and that was my first meal of the day. I grabbed a juice and left. She finally apologized, but this is the woman who has been taking care of my diabetes since I was diagnosed at 10 months old! You’d think these people would know better sometimes, but sadly they forget.

Cody I know a few Type 1 women who had the same problems you have had with low’s while breastfeeding.
I can not do much to help with the people around you saying things that are ignorant but I know at least 2 of these moms where helped by drinking ensure. It is packed with calories and nutrition and a fair amount of carbs. It helped them level out the lows to low normal blood sugars so you may want to try it. It is a nice way to get some sugar and good nutrients that you need all at once. You can try just drinking a couple drinks here and there so not to spike you. After a couple of days you will have an idea how much and when.
Your doing the best you can so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :slight_smile:
Be well and be loved