Rapid glucose remedy

Recovering from a hypoglycemic episode in Philadelphia last weekend one of the EMTs said there is now a device that lets someone spray a glucose booster onto your gums to help you raise your blood sugar rapidly. Does anybody know what it is and how it is obtained?

No but now I have the urge to brush my teeth. I wonder how effective it is.

I’m sure it’s not the same, but I have a Glucose spray that is supposed to replace glucose tablets. It works if you are unconscious because you don’t have to swallow anything, you just need someone to spray into the inside of your cheeks or gums. I have it only for emergencies since the taste is absolutely horrific. I bought mine at Walmart, but I have also seen them at Rite Aid.

They are also very effective. I’ve used them to treat lows (only twice) and my BG responded faster than any other method I have used.

I have seen these glucose sprays before at the pharmacy. But I use small tubes of cake icing. I have told my friends that if I am ever not able to eat and acting strangely, I need glucagon and cake icing put on my gums (not down my throat).