Rash from CGM

Is there a skin prep that will prevent skin irritation from CGM adhesive? I tried skin tac and it’s worse. Thanks in advance!

Some folks swear by spraying a steroid-based MDI (the “other” MDI, a metered dose inhaler) prescribed for reactive airway disease (asthma) on the area first. You’ll need a prescription to get this, however. Quite a handful of people in your situation have had little to no trouble getting a prescription for this “off-label” use. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

I thought steroids were one of the classic insulin-interfering-make-your-bg-life-hell compounds? Maybe with topical application and low dosage it’s not such a big deal.

I think that’s accurate. Cortisone cream/ointment etc has never had a noticeable impact on my blood sugars. Cortisone shots, on the other hand, like for joint pain, definitely do for several days. YDMV, of course.

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Spray a little Flonase on the area right before you insert your sensor. The Medtronic Quick sets irritate my skin like crazy. The Flonase trick recommended by my Endo cured the problem. You don’t need a prescription for it as well. Hope this helps

Flonase is a steroid (a corticosteroid) that is available OTC because it is a low strength. If Flonase fails, time to move up to the bigger “guns”: a prescription-strength steroid inhaler.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I’ll try the easiest first - Flonase. By the way - I stopped at CVS this afternoon and asked the pharmacist if she could recommend something. She didn’t have a product to recommend, but said to try Milk of Magnesia - rub some on the place where the CGM will be attached and let it dry. She said her physical therapist suggested it when she had to tape something related to PT on her arm and had a reaction to the tape. Thanks again!

Not sure I’d bother with your pharmacist’s MOM suggestion. It might be helpful for PT-related tape issues, but the Dexcom sensor wire might drag some of the MOM with it upon insertion and stick to the wire, making readings inaccurate. I’d try something that has worked for someone who actually used it to solve this problem as it relates to a CGM sensor first.

Thanks, @rgcainmd I was wondering about that about that too - also how long the MOM would last. I try to use my sensors for a couple of weeks - that’s about as long as I can stand the itching. I’ll try Flonase. If it doesn’t work, I have an appt with a dermatologist in a couple of weeks - maybe she will have an idea or be able to prescribe a MDI. Thanks again.


To mitigate itching I put half of a Tough Pad on my insertion site before “taking the plunge.” I don’t have a problem with skin rash, put the Tough Pad lets me use a sensor up to three weeks with no itching.

Thanks @Timbeak48. 3 weeks would be great! I’ll probably have to order it. The drug stores around here contain only about 10% health related merchandise!