Minimed CGM and rashes

I am new here been lurking for a few months. I have to say, I was quite surprised by the warm welcome :)

I have just recently started my Paradigm Insulin pump in February of this year, and started the Medtronic CGM July of this year. I love being on the Pump I do feel like a different person since starting on it and my HBA1C has dropped over 1 point in the first 3 months.

But does anyone else have issues with Rashes from the CGM tape (I have tried Tegaderm, IV3000, and all the others that come in the Medtronic adhesive sample pack) and only on my upper thighs I get rashes, stomach, arms are perfectly ok and can leave the sensor in for up to 2 weeks in my arm and stomach with no issues. But in my upper thigh's I have a giant rash from the adhesive bandage (Not the sensor sticky, Its circular/square depending on the bandage length), now the infusion set in my upper thighs never had issues with. I have had a rash from both Tegaderm's and IV3000, the first time putting the CGM in my upper thigh, I never had the issue, lately it has been.

Even with it cooling down outside and no longer in 90 degree heat, I still get a small rash there. I like my thigh's and arm the best as thats where it seems to be most accurate.

Anyone else experience this or any recommendations? I doubt i will change from the IV3000 as my Insurance covers them 100%, but if I can find an alternative for the upper thigh's would be awesome!


Have you tried preparing your skin with something under the IV3000? Some barrier between the skin and adhesive? Maybe your thighs are sensitive to the adhesive of Tegaderm and IV3000 if being used for long time each time. And yes, there are such thing as being sensitive to “skin friendly” adhesive :wink: My grandmother get huge blisters from any kind of “skin friendly” band aid or tape and a cousin gets rashes from almost all kinds of adhesive unless using barrier spray under.

I havent tried anything under the Iv3000, Medtronic told me not to use the IvPrep as can damage the Transmitter and I would be responsible for the cost if I do damage it.

Different stories from different Medtronic reps, my trainer tells me to use it but never tried it.

Will definately have to look into the Hypafix as well

Thanks guys!

I use IvPrep without putting on the area where the sensor will be insterted (3/8’ circle) then I put Mastisol on the area where the IV 3000 goes. The IV3000 is put on with a 3/8" hole in it. In goes the sensor with some mastisol under the adhesive. After I attach the transmitter I slap on a Hypafix to cover the transmitter and the IV 3000. It last about three days longer than using IV3000 alone. It is good for 7 days.

Another good alternative to the hypafix is CoverRoll Stretch. I like it better than hypafix. You can order it from for about $25-30 a box and a box lasts a long, long time. It has a paper backing, so you can cut it to exactly the size and shape you need, peel the paper off and stick it on. It stays on in the shower, swimming, etc. I’m a nurse and we use it here in the hospital for surgical dressings and wound dressings and I have never seen anyone have a reaction to it. I tried the hypafix because it was available locally, but I really like the way the CoverRoll goes on and its staying power.

Try Nexcare waterproof abrasion cover sold at Walmart. They are relatively inexpensive and much more flexible, removable and durable than the things Minimed sells (IV3000 by smith and nephew)

IV Prep won’t bother the transmitter. MM even ships it with the CGMS package!