Rash with Tresiba

I began using Tresiba back in September, 2016. I used it for about 3 months without any problems and certainly prefer to to Lantus. However, lately I’ve developed an itchy rash on my left leg. I see that this is a common side effect of Tresiba.

My question is this: has this happened to other people out there? Did it go away on it’s own? Or did you have to switch to another type of insulin?


I’ve occasionally noticed little tiny pinpoint pimple-like spots at exactly the injection site that I didn’t recall seeing with lantus but never any itching or other noteworthy irritation

The odd thing is that I rotate injection sites between my legs, abdomen, and arms, and the rash is only materializing on one leg but not at the injection site. I don’t get it.

I only get those little spots on my hips… on both sides… never on the front of my thighs.

Your rash could very well have nothing at all to do with Tresiba. Then again, it might.

True. But looking at the available info online, it seems like skin irritations are a common side effect of Tresiba.

Tresiba worked well for me for about a week. Beautiful results. Got horrible skin irritation so I had to switch back to Lantus. I initially thought the skin irritation might be due to something else, but it went away almost immediately after switching back to Lantus. YDMV is the law of the land, apparently. :blush: