Raspberry Ketones

Hello ! I would like to know if I could use Raspberry Ketones to help me too lose weight.

Raspberry Ketones was shown on the Dr Oz Show. They claim it will help you loose weight.

I know I seen it but is ok for us too use it.

Raspberry ketones are not the same thing as ketones that cause DKA.
I don't know the carb content, but I doubt it could hurt you unless it is a big wallup of sugar.
It sounds like another fad to me though.
Does anyone remember the grapefruit diet? What even happened to that?
I think though that just eating less will do the trick.
I have the perfect diet if you want to know, I never needed to lose a lot of weight as it is never a problem with me, but when I wanted to train for a marathon years back, I needed to lose 8 lbs.

I followed this simple miracle diet :

Make a plate of food that you like and that will satisfy you completely with no feeling of being deprived.

Then cut it directly in half, and put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow.

Then, eat your food.

It works better than any other fad diet. guaranteed.