Raspberry Keytones

Is it safe to take these so called natural pills if you are diabetic?

They’d have the same questions as anything else…how many G of carbs are they?

You ask about safety. Are you concerned whether this supplement is effective or not?

Raspberry ketones is an extract from berries. It was placed on the list of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list by the FDA in 1965. This indicates that it is safe in small quantities as a food additive. Subsequently, many claims have been made about Raspberry Ketones, mostly based on the effect in mice in very, very high doses. There really is not any evidence of benefit for humans. I'm not clear that high doses are even safe. You should be clear that Raspberry ketones is known to slim down your wallet.

I have taken them for 1 month for increasing my metabolism. I did have a lot more energy (and not the jittery kind of energy!), but did not have any real weight loss, however, it was during the holidays so maybe I would have gained. I have been off them for a week and I may try them again just for the increase in energy ;) For me, I had no blood sugar issues..but like anything you may want to contact your doc about the safety for you.

If you're not on any oral meds that might interact it's best to check with your pharmacist.

I saw them on Dr. Oz to help you lose weight! I am going to keep a lose eye on my sugars and how I see. There is also green coffee pills that helps you lose weight.

I'm not really a fan of Dr. Oz. He is a bit of a quack, jumping from fad to fad.

I think the pills you are talking about may be green tea extract. I have to tell you, I've never found any supplements that really helped me lose weight. I think eating a low carb diet can be really effective for weight loss. As a T2 and being insulin resistance it stands out even more. I've also had good luck with Intermittent Fasting. One day a week, I skip breakfast and dinner, doing a 24 hour fast (usually on the weekend). Beyond the weight loss, I think it has helped me learn to better deal with hunger.

Why are they called natural pills is because they don't have a licence or what other FAD they are,Very simple would you take insulin or med drugs if they did not have licence ?,