Re: how does diabetes affect you

There was a thread on here not too long ago about how diabetes effects us. Tonight I had a good example of it; watching Breaking Bad on Netflix And drinking wine with my gorgeous wife she suddenly proclaimed, “I’d really love a grilled cheese sandwich!” So I got up and made a delicious looking grilled cheese for her. It smelled so good… Wanted to have one with her so bad… But it just wasn’t worth the effort to check blood sugar, take insulin, wait, cook one, eat it, wait 2 hours, and test blood sugar again. So now wife is happily sleeping and I am hungry as heck, still watching TV. That’s how diabetes effects me… Seems silly but those moments add up.

I have been getting some bread that's 7G of carbs, not too bad, a bit light tasting but it would fry up crispily and make a nice grilled cheese! I would have eaten it. I don't let diabetes get in the way of nighttime snacking. Plus, if you are watching Breaking Bad, staying up for a couple more episodes, way past my bedtime, gets me into the Walter/Jesse frame of mind!!

It's the whole restaurant thing that irritates me. It's so hard to get anything safe to eat when out and about. I stick mostly to salads but holy cow depending on how that Caesar salad was made, I may spike later or maybe's frustrating. At home I am in charge and eat quite well and safely for me. Having a garden salad when out is just plain boring to me but it's probably my best bet. I'd love a grilled cheese too!

The problem living in Ontario is there's no low carb breads or pitas or anything else anywhere near me. The folks in the US have a much better selection.