Reaching Out

So I found this site from the JDRF site, and I have been overwhelmed with support from people. It is so amazing how kind and understanding people are when they know what you’re going through and how you feel. So thank you to everyone! Sometimes I really feel like no one gets it, like I’m totally alone. Now I know I’m not.
I’ve also started volunteering for JDRF here in Florida. Honestly, Nick Jonas inspired me to help out. His new song A little Bit Longer is so amazing and really describes how we feel everyday.
More Later!

Caitlin, you are SO right! It is nice to always be reminded that we are not alone!! I think you fit right in to our community!! Glad that you are here and thanks for the work that you are doing to improve lives for other people living with diabetes! That’s awesome…

I hope you will keep on doing what your doing. Your more than not alone here we’re all here to help you and support you in anyway!!!