Ready for better days

Ok first time doing anything on here... this will mostly just be my rant.

Its been almost 18 years and my control has dropped. Lately I just want to be alone and hide in the dark. But then I feel more alone and wish I was with my friends. It sucks! I went to the doctor for my depression and panic attacks. The doctors keep focusing on the panic attacks and not on depression!!! It is so irritating to me.
I just want to feel better. I use to spend hours on hours outside doing stuff now I want to I just can't seem to care at the same time.

I just wish doctors would seem to care more for a person then their next check.
I know I can change how I feel but some times a person needs some help.

Thanks for the chance to rant some!!

Thanks you two. Sometimes you just can't help feeling alone. Today was one of my harder days. But I keep on going forward with life. Sometimes its just easier to help others then yourself. =)

Bethany- Everyone needs to rant. You can't lock it up inside. I tend to leave it all on the inside and it really does start to eat me up. I feel like I wanna be alone alot too. I have no interests. it sucks so bad. I force myself to go out though. I don't wanna just lay there and feel like crap or be sad anymore. Talking deff helps. I'm here if you ever need it.


Hey Bethany,

I encourage you to slowly build to getting into intense exercise, yoga, diet and well being. Exercise has proven to be a cure for depression (in some people) more so that medications. Starting with exercise then diet and perhaps try yoga will allow you to sleep better at night and control your sugars reducing depression. Depression in the past has made my job difficult, relationships hard and overall impacted my feelings about Patrick. You seem like a beautiful person with a lot to offer the world. The motion of "I just want to hibernate" one second then immediately jumping to "I want to be with my friends" is strictly from the depression. Your lack of energy mentally is what causes you to want to go home but the feelings of self doubt makes you want to be validated by being with people who can care for you. You owe it to yourself so make your body and mind feel stimulated. Therefore review options of better fitness and nutrition and I guarantee at least some improvements in how you feel.