Real Time Dexcom Data in Browser Tab


@apmeyer27 I completely agree with @Tim35 's assessment. Having the tab showing my current bg in the favicon is awesome! The 10 readings are a very nice snapshot of where I am trending, so thank you very much for putting this together and sharing!


Thank-you for your thoughtful contribution. I just set this up to see what it does. Since I spend a lot of time at my computer, this helps create more opportunity to monitor my blood glucose.

I have been using something called Glucogram. It displays in the top bar of my browser.


GlucoGram is the top display and your program is down lower on the browser tab. GlucoGram also produces this little window when you click on the BG number.


I don’t know where I got the GucoGram and I didn’t even know that it displays more info when I click on the the number. I think things like this can help us and I appreciate your willingness to contribute.

I also use NightScout but often times it’s nice to just glance!


@Terry4 I am going to assume you are an Apple user. The GlucoGram app is available in I-Tunes

Link here


I was an early-adopter with Glucogram, but more recently there’s a similar app called Sugarmate that also runs off of the G5/6 Share channel. Also runs in the status bar, but has a lot more info in the display when you click on it. The phone version is even better, including a really fast search function for looking up carbs in food items. Might want to check it out as well.

Here’s how it looks expanded:



It appears that the Dexcom Servers just had an issue. Logins to Clarity did not seem to be working. Your app was also not working during this time. The Dexcom is working now but the app is now returning a Server Error 500. Does the service need to be restarted maybe?

EDIT: And it is all working again. Dexcom Clarity is back and the dia-metrics is back.


Glad it is still working for everyone. I actually haven’t touched the code in a good month, but I still look at my BG in the browser all of the time. If anyone needs to contact me it is probably most convenient via email since I don’t get on the forums too often.

I go through these phases were I really get into different hobbies. Last month it was coding, and now I’m obsessed with music…


That is really cool. I’ll have to check that out!