Real Time Dexcom Data in Browser Tab

So I recently acquired access to my real time Dexcom data thanks to this NightScout Bridge and a script written by Ben West Dexcom Bridge.

Anyway I set up a webpage that auto-refreshes every minute and updates the browser tab to show my BG and a trend arrow. It has actually been pretty nice to see my BG in my browser tab while I work so I don’t have to constantly check my phone.

All this to say, would anyone be interested in having my server host the same thing for them? I could create some sort of login system that you’d enter your data into and then be able to see your real time data in the browser tab.

Here is a link to the webpage I made. The only cool part is the browser tab at the top. The ‘last 10 readings’ thing is just w/e

Also don’t judge me for BG being high, I just had a big mexican craving and I ate 3 tacos…

*Edit: I went ahead and made a basic login system. Anyone should be able to try this out (as long as you have a Dexcom w/ share/follow capabilities.

Signup/Login -> Browser BG


Great that you were able to do that.

I have seen others report something similar, but not sure technically how they do it.

I tend to look at my dexcom when it alarms, or about to eat, drive, or exercise. So not helpful for me, but I can see how others, even parents may be interested.

I totally get that. I’ve been on the more obsessive side lately… Probably not healthy mentally…

Fetching the Dexcom data is actually pretty easy.
You basically talk to their servers as if you are the follow app.

It takes two requests to Dexcom, the first provides all of the credentials (username, pw, app id, etc…) If the credentials match what they expect then they return a session ID. You then take this temporary session ID and use it in the second request to return your BG values and trend data.

Hi @apmeyer27, I would be interested in this, but have no idea how to implement it. Would a second person also be able to see the same data on their individual browser if they have the login creds (a share scenario)?

Yea anyone with the login credentials would be able to see it. Of course, I haven’t implemented the login thing yet but I was going to if anyone wanted this.

Let me do a little research tonight and tomorrow and I’ll figure it out

Thanks @apmeyer27! I would be super interested login or no

I think it is almost done. I locked my Dexcom account after exceeding too many failed login attempts while testing something >.<

Okay here are the steps. No guarantees if it doesn’t work right away. I’m sure there are bugs because I built this whole system in the past 3 hours.


  1. Make sure you know your dexcom account username and password. I’d test this out on Dexcom’s website by logging out of your account and logging back in.
  2. Make sure you have at least 1 Dexcom Share follower, If you don’t have one, you can always invite yourself and accept it.


  1. Sign Up here (This will be the username and password for viewing your data)
  2. After filling out the sign-up form you should be redirected to a ‘settings’ page. If you aren’t here is the link. (This will be where you put your Dexcom username and password)
  3. Once your dexcom credentials are submitted you should be redirected to a live feed of your BG. (you might get an error here if the dexcom credentials didn’t work properly. if this happens I’ll have to figure out how to fix it tomorrow)

If something is messed up or you need help just email me.

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@apmeyer27…and just like that it works!!! Wow!! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Would it be [relatively] easy to add another column? Delta BG from previous reading?

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Wow I’m actually surprised it works without fixing bugs!

Yea I can add whatever you all want. I will do it tomorrow though because I’m out of town visiting family that evacuated the hurricane.


seriously great stuff! Thanks!

I have Sugarmate in my status bar and don’t really need anything else, but it’s a smart little hack @apmeyer27, nice work!

@apmeyer27. This is so cool! I did it in Internet Explorer on my tablet ( it still shows tabs at the top).

Thanks so much!

Hey !!!
I see changes.

Very nice. You do some really good and very fast work!!!


The “Change” column is now in place. Which lets a quick glance show the trend. Really good work.

Thanks Tim! I woke up early to add the delta column.

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Are you in or planning to go into the tech field or is this just a side hobby?

I’m an Electrical Engineer at Siemens. We design PET scanners. However, I’m also back in school for a masters in CS at Georgia Tech (online) with a focus in Machine Learning. I’m in my 4th class out of 10 right now.

I’m always wanting to use my CS background to contribute to Diabetes, it can just be hard to find problems that aren’t being tackled by the large companies.

So if you ever have ideas, I’d love to implement them.



I just wanted to follow-up.

I am on the computer all day for work. Work often extends into night.

So anyway, having a small browser open in the corner of one of my monitors that provides a continuous and updating real-time cgm is awesome. Being able to glance and see the last 10 readings plus the last 10 “changes” makes it trivial to tell at a glance where the BG is, the direction it is going and the rate that it is moving.

I am obviously aware that Dexcom has the Follow app and I have that and use it on a tablet also. And the Follow has the graph which is certainly nice. But I am finding that I am using the tablet with Follow less and this app more. I really like the data on this app.

This is really useful !!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to build it and make it available to others.



I would love this! Unfortunately I have a Canadian G4 receiver, which is not Bluetooth-equipped. And I’m not tempted to upgrade when I can get up to 47 days out of one sensor. So I’ll just wallow in my envy.