Reasonably priced Libre 2 sensors?

Hello all!

I have had endless problems with trying to bring my bg under control, and finally got approved for a Libre 2 CGM. I’ve been using it less than a week, and I can already tell it’s going to be a godsend! But… even though I went through my insurance to get approved, they aren’t actually paying for any of it. They don’t consider it a prescription, but rather a device, so the sensors are only covered after I hit my (rather high) deductible (and even then, only at 50%).

So I’m wondering if anyone has any experience sourcing the sensors for the Libre 2 for reasonable amounts via self-pay? I’m sure my doc will send my prescription wherever it needs to go.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michelle! I’m glad to hear the Libre 2 is working for you. I used the Libre 14 day for a very short while, but I had so many issues with failed sensors and poor calibration that I’m switching back to Dexcom. I’m also having to pay out of pocket so it’s pretty painful :scream:

My recommendation is to go onto GoodRX and price shop. I was amazed at the price differences. I usually get my RX’s from CVS but found for Libre sensors Walmart was the cheapest. There isn’t the same black market for Libre sensors as for Dexcom equipment.

Hope this helps!

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glucose meters and test strips were classified as durable medical in the previous decades. I had a similar issue with Cigna, however, they have started to cover the libre through the pharmacy now… I suggest a prior authorization from your doctor because it will often help especially if your plan has pharmacy copays… if your plan doesn’t, many different pharmacies will try to find coupons to help…worst case scenario is probably around $40 per sensor give or take for a cash price with no insurance st the pharmacy… probably still cheaper than going through durable medical

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Thank you both! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience @pink_chiffon. Mine seems to read off by 25 points low, but it’s a consistent 25 points low, so I can deal with it easily enough.

I looked at GoodRx, and they seem to have them for about $60 each/ $120 for 2.

@roger5, I did go through the pre-authorization process with Cigna. Took me 7 months to get the device, even though they aren’t paying for any of it. Very disappointing, but that’s how insurance companies stay rich - by paying for as little as possible. Which pharmacy do you use that gives you the $40 cash price?

I live in Maine and although i know that should not make a difference, it seems to, as I have heard lots of different prices on this forum all in the u.s…I currently go to the grocery store, however, Cigna recently told me about express scripts and have used them in the past… if you went through Carecentrix, I would stop them right now and call Cigna or express scripts (online mail order pharmacy)…Cigna told me to go through their durable medical in 2018 when I was new to Cigna, Carecentrix quoted me $1633 for the 1st 90 days… I asked them why anyone would pay that when Walmart sells the libre for about $35 each… she told me it won’t go towards my medical deduction…I later found out they were trying to send out Dexcom kits even though the prescription was for the libre…this was the 2018 10 day libre…I currently go to Hannaford Pharmacy (grocery stores In new England) I know Cigna has many different plans, but you may want to try your human resources people and see if you can purchase a plan better for your diabetes…

I wish I had human resources people, but alas, I am self employed. The only reason I am able to afford insurance at all is because I buy it on the marketplace, and I’m well aware that the plans there are sub-par (and getting worse, year by year…).

I’m familiar with Hannaford, we had those in Florida too, but I’m in Tennessee now, and we don’t have them here. I guess I’ll just have to have my doc send my script to all the local pharmacies, and see what they charge, as every time I’ve ever asked a pharmacy “what will this cost” they’ve always said “we won’t know until we get the prescription.” Maybe I could get a handwritten script for a change, and shop it around myself…

I hear you on the initial charges being a bear though. My approval went through Byram Health, and it was $904 for the first 90 days. I accepted it, since I didn’t think I had any choice, but now that I’m learning I have options, I’m definitely not going to go through them for refills!

I would try Walgreens or Walmart, both seemed sympathetic to the joys of type 1 diabetic costs… I used Walgreen’s for about a year before we switched to Cigna and they didn’t mind trying different coupons or insurance games

Oh gosh, I hope Walgreens can give me a good price! That’s where I get all of my prescriptions, because I work at night, so they’re the only place that’s reliably open when I’m awake. :smile: Thanks for your help!