Recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic..feelin sort of bewildered and numb 2 say the least!

hiya everyone im a recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic found out in march…have gained a tremendous amount of weight stones 2 be exact which apparently is unusual for type 1s?but was the main reason doc did investigations ive been on lantus now 4 about 2 months and also take 2 tabs of 500 mg metformin daily and im also on byetta but my sugars remain elevated they about 16 mornin and mid day and spike up into the twenties evenings any tips or advice on how i can get them lower i should add i cant get much exercise due to my size i have poor mobility any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

Even if you can’t get much exercise, I’d recommend you stay active. I’m recently diagnosed as well and I hit lows when I stay active for long periods of time. Limit your carb intake and stay active, and you’re sugars will fall.

Sounds like perhaps you also need to be on a bolus dose (fast-acting insulin before meals) based on an Insulin:Carb ratio. Lantus is only part of the picture. See an endo and also try reading Using Insulin by John Walsh.

Could you try a very low carb diet?

Google Sitting down exercises, or disability exercises…they have many sites that have exercises for those people who have little mobility. I use them a lot when my knees just won’t go.

I don’t know the terminology that you are using, stones, numbers, etc. My suggestion is that you check in with your health care provider or diabetic educator for information. When first diagnosed we sometimes have to be fine tuned to get the right dosages of meds and combinations of med.

Come here often we are a very supportive and caring group of people. Practically everyone felt the same way you do at the beginning, I know I did, but that feeling passes and we get better at taking care of ourselves as we educate ourselves more.


Hi Emmy,


Confused & numb is how I felt, too. Also, angry & depressed. It’s overwhelming. Glad you found us.

It is unusual for a newly diagnosed Type 1 to have weight gain, but you’ll soon see here that this is one confusing disease with few rules.

Yours are rather high numbers. Agree with the others about speaking with your doctor about rapid acting insulin for meals. There’s no reason to be having elevated BG like that. Don’t be shy about demanding what you need. It’s all about self-care & we have to be given the right tools.

Please have your doctor educate you about counting carbs to match insulin to meals. Too often, doctors tell patients to use a sliding scale. That’s not the way to control blood sugar.

I highly recommend Jenny’s site & book I fortunately stumbled upon it soon after being diagnosed & it helped tremendously.

Lowering carbs is the way to go. This will improve your numbers & help with weight loss. Weight loss will result in you using less insulin.

If you can use weights (nothing too rigorous to start), increasing muscle mass greatly helps to utilize insulin more effectively.

thanks for the advice i am trying believe me im not goin to let this get the better of me and i appreciate any help or info its like a mine field out there so much 2 take in thanks again x

thanks for replyin to me since postin this i have been prescribed a fast acting dose be4 meals startin nxt week fingers crossed the numbers b goin in the right direction thanks 4 replyin 2 me bein a newbie 2 all this any info is a bonus thanx again x

awwww thanks 4 the welcome it means alot its suprised me how vunerable i feel at the mo didnt realise wot an impact it wud have on me its good 2 know that im not alone cos thas how i feel at the mo strange really as i have a gwd support network my hubbys wonderful yet still i feel alone if tha makes sense anyways thanks 4 reply hope your well x

thanks for the advice much appreciated doc has prescribed a rapid insulin now heres hopin my sugars b between 5 an 7 asap and im lookin in to low carb diet currently followin low sat fats so hopin i can add this aswell anything 2 bring weight an sugars down thanks again x

hiya thanks for replyin 2 me ive taken your advice and am gonna check out the site you recommended any info i can get is so helpful as bein new 2 all this i havent a clue where 2 start thanks again x


Welcome to TUDiabetes and I am so sorry you are here! lol Actually, I am sorry. It is a great shock to your psyche to get a diagnosis such as this. And, to tell you the truth, people tend to stereotype people based on weight, etc. Just when we think we are all the same and the pattern will repeat it in everyone, the fates slap us in the face and makes us readjust our thinking. I hope you find encouragement and many, many new friends here.

Sometimes, a newly DXd diabetic does wonderfully on all the changes to diet and meds but there are times when it is very difficult to make even a simple change in their life. Weight change is the hardest, I think. I’ve had to lose many pounds for years now but I am incapable of consistent weight loss because of physical handicaps .;… the most recent is a below-the-knee amputation. Try to burn calories on that one!! I’m having a dilly of a time. (Not so many laughs!)

People have often told me that I have encouraged them in the diabetes struggle. Others say that I frightened them into trying harder. If you would like to, I would invite you to visit my site and see for yourself if you can be encouraged or scared! In the meantime, have a great day each and every day because you never know when it’s going to turn toward the other direction.


Hang in there. I’ve been on insulin for twenty-eight years.


hi there lois im sorry to hear things havent been goin so well for you…my gripes pale in comparison i hope things improve for you in the future an d i thank you for taking the time out to reply to me

And I thought you guys spoke English over there!