Recognizing good support - Accu Chek

I just had opportunity to call Accu Chek regarding an apparently bad batch of test strips (every 7-10 strips gives me a reading that’s significantly out of whack - such as 253 instead of 159, or 145 instead of 92). The woman with whom I spoke was very pleasant, and offered to fedex me 100 replacement strips and some free control solution. This is on top of the time that I put in for a free meter on the web site, never received it, and they sent me one, no questions asked.

I can’t speak for their accuracy - but these people have customer service down pat!

I had a good customer experience with AccuChek as well. I had test strips with no code key. They immediately sent me a replacement (also by Fedex) & an extra container of strips. They also called to follow up to make sure I had received them.

Wow 259 vs 159 they seem to be getting worst every year

My suspicion, though they say that this shouldn’t be the case, is that the fact that these test strips go through x-ray machines 3-4 times a week screws them up. The joys of going to court . . . .

(It could also be that my local Duane Reade sucks - they once sold me expired strips, and I didn’t realize it until I tried to check my sugar. Luckily, I had some that were ok . . . )

I called about this when I had to fly & they assured me x-rays wouldn’t be a problem, but 3-4 times a week is a lot of exposure.

The accucheck code chip is supposed to verify the expiry date, according to their rep that is their function and not really accuracy. I would boudt that X-Ray affect the oxido reduction reagent used in the test strips.