Just signed up for the Eco-Pod disposal program

It’s going to cost me $29 to get rid of the 100+ used pods that I have accumulated, but I guess it’s worth it. I just can’t see throwing them in the trash. For those interested, here’s the link: http://www.myomnipod.com/customer-care/pod-disposal-program/

When I signed up for the disposal system, they told me that they would ship my disposal package (for $8.00) with my next shipment of Pods. I told the rep that by then I would have over 30 used Pods, and since I am new to OmniPod, I would like to never have to dispose of one of them the traditional landfill way. He then informed me that I could get my first disposal kit immediately, but it would “cost me money.” When I asked how much, I was told that I could get a complete kit that would dispose of approximately 50 Pods for $13 (which I gladly had deducted from my charge card). Now I understand that if you have over 100 used Pods, you would need two kits, but the last time I checked, 13 + 13 = 26, not $29 dollars. Where did the extra charge come in?

I had my disposal kit within a week, so I was not unhappy with their response. I started a discussion a while back because when you get the kit, it has directions on the red bag which are contrary to the directions Insulet sends. Insulet has since told us all that they have worked out a deal with FedEx who will accept the Pods that are sent in according to Insulet’s directions.

To answer Lee’s question, the correct disposal of the batteries is probably the most important part, but the electronics and the plastics --which can be used again-- are also of concern. For the little bit it costs to recycle a month’s worth of Pods, I would rather have someone who knows what they are doing and has proper channels to recycle all of the components handle my used Pods.

Like you , Jim, I encourage everyone to sign up for the recycling program. I spend more than $8.00 per month on things I do not really need (including restaurant food that is probably trying to kill me), so for me to pay that amount to save the planet for my children and future grandchildren is the least that I can do.

My understanding (which could be incorrect) is that the only components that are recycled are the batteries (and they are only recycled in part). The rest is pulverized and disposed of in a traditional landfill.

So can I just removed and recycled the batteries and thrash the rest of the pod? Ill save some money?

yep, I just pry those suckers apart and remove the batteries and chuck the rest!

How do you take this “suckers” apart exactly? I tried earlier today, all I had was a hammer and a screwdriver, and I couldn’t open it.

I use a very small screwdriver (from a microscrewdriver kit that I lifted from my husband’s tools). I put the tip of the screwdriver on the white plastic lid of the pod where it joins the clear plastic base and ease it into that space. There is a white rubbery gasket at the base of the white lid (that keeps it water tight?). I have the most success when I can pry that rubbery part out of the base in one area and then inch my way around the pod easing out the rubbery part. At that point, you can just grab and rip the lid off.

Be warned, I have come very close to impaling my own hand in this process and more than once have given up in frustration :slight_smile: Good luck!

The batteries are a common standard and still have plenty of juice in them, so they can be used in a flashlight or something before disposal.

Based off other ways Insulet does things , Id be surprised if they didn't just throw them in a landfill and keep the money you sent them.

I recieved my first kit free, then my 2nd one and my third and so on... and they pay for it to be shipped.... I am in Canada tho. not sure if it is differnt outside of canada.

Again..just like all environmental scams...I am positive they throw it in the same garbage you would if you saved the money to send it back..

The FedEx label on the recycling program sends them to a facility in Albany, NY completely unrelated to the rest of Insulet. So, no, Insulet is not stealing recycler's money.


Negative Nelly.