Red meat baddddddd

Anyone getting off red meat? please let me know I will pay for shipping to send it to me!!!

LOL - You'll pry my red meat out of my cold, dead hands, Starfire.

I was sitting one point above anemia for years. They never would let me donate blood. The only thing that helped me was starting to eat red meat again.

Sorry no dice:)

I'll bring the low carb steak sauce, and the BBQ grill. Just got my A1c results 5.3. It used to be 14.7. Red meat eater, in the house....LOL

Hey, congrats on being a 5%-er Rob. That's great!

Now about that low carb steak sauce recipe...???

Home made Blue Cheese Burgers last night! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I would but that was 30 years ago... One of the first things I did as a newly dx'ed T1 was quit the cow.


we call them BLACK AND BLUE BURGERS, we like em blackened!!ummmmmm

now I have to fire up the "GRILL" got me wanting burgersssssssssss

here ya go

low carb sauce

Ya'll come down to Texas and we'll throw ya a proper BBQ. :)

We grow our own beef. 100% grass-fed. The only syringe they ever see is right after birth (a 5-way vaccine... an absolute requirement for a healthy animal). Otherwise, no hormones or antibiotics. If it doesn't grow on the ground, it isn't in our animals. We harvest about 1400 lbs of finished meat a year so we're definitely small-time, but it keeps the agricultural exemption and you always know whats for dinner!

Q: Anybody know the Indian word for "vegetarian"?
A: "Bad Hunter".



I can't give up red meat 'cos I don't particularly like chicken. Sorry, I need my steaks!

I don't know if red meat is "bad." I grew up eating lots of it. My dad would always chuckle when I'd pour half a bottle of catsup over it. After tasting meat without catsup, I understood why - I didn't really care for meat; I only liked the catsup.

So now, I just drink the catsup.

Now that, right there, is just FUNNY! LMAO!!! :)

I live in Ontario, and we've had an unusually warm winter, and this week has been quite warm. Today, as I was getting out of my car after work, I smelt someone bbq-ing (for the first time this spring). Mmmmmm, all I could think about was grilling a steak, with lots of Montreal Steak Spice, cooked to barely dead.

My tummy is grumbling.....

In Canada we have Ketchup chips! You'd be in heaven :)

You guys are definitely hardcore! So nobody is concerned by the recent report that eating too much red meat can cut live expectancy, not to mention the "pink slime" scandal??

I am into red meat for good. It's good. I simply cannot figure out life without red meat. A good steak is almost as pleasurable as... well, I am not going there. there are three perfect foods in this world: an Angus Cheeseburger, a Milky Way and a Vanilla shake.