Who knew!?!?! And yes, I'm completely random

Ok- I have to share this because I am FAR more sheltered than I like to think I am. I went to the grocery store today since my 6-day-No-Meat fast is apparently over. Still having a hard time getting back into eating full “meals” but since I consumed 4 meals in 6 days, I’m easing my way back into food. Hubby is getting hungry though, hence, trip to the grocery.

So I knew my local Hannaford had a deli, so I got some lunch meat for Shoe (hubby) and a block of American Cheese to cut up for salads, since I’ve had no problems with that. Bought a loaf of light wheat bread which has 17g Carbs in 2 slices (woo-hoo!) and grilled cheese doesn’t raise my BG.

Anyway- walking through the store when I see another “deli like” case with steaks and hamburger and chicken and what not. There was also a little dingie bell on the counter so I had to hit it (I’m 3 sometimes). Wouldn’t you know it’s like a little butcher shop right there in the grocery! I had no idea! So I bought a chicken cutlet that was breaded in a parmesan and crumb mix. That was what I had for dinner. I completely gagged on it but that is another issue I’m hoping will sort itself out soon. It was actually really Yummy. It figured out to be about $1.25 per chicken cutlet, which when you think about it is the same price as going to McDonald’s and it is fresh and not overly processed. Anyway, I’m in love with this little piece of paradise now.

Do you guys know about these little mini butcher shop things and what the heck are they called? I never knew mine existed and I’ve been grocerying for myself for the last 12 years.

lol sounds like a good deal, i’ll have to keep my eye out for one.

Yeah, mine has a butcher/meat counter inside :slight_smile: I love it. Got a huge bag of fresh made chicken nuggets for cheap! lol

Ooooh! I didn’t think about Chicken nuggets. The cutlet I got was very thin and very yummy. I have been anti-chicken for the last week, but I decided to give it a go. I don’t think I’ll ever eat frozen chicken nuggets or patties ever again. This week has been too much. But, I got some shaved steak, that stuff is amazing. So quick. I cooked it, put it in the fridge, and I plan to throw it on a salad tomorrow.

You do of course realize that you live in Maine, kinda out in the country. Don’t they serve moose up thar?

Many of the gorceries in my area have a butcher counter, a deli counter, a seafood counter and a bakery counter in the store. They are staffed separately and will fill custom orders, prepare foods and handle the areas. They can be really useful. And so my hint is, get to know the people in the store, particularly these areas. Ask their name and their phone number. Tell them what you like. Ask them to help you get the stuff you like and find you good deals. Are you looking for chicken cutlets? Only going to the store on Tuesday? Ask them to put it aside and hold it for you. You want bones or fat? Ask the butcher.

And, the most important thing. What is offered in the store is but a mere fraction of what they can get. Do you want some particular low carb bread? Ask? Often they can stock stuff if people ask. Even if they won’t stock, many stores will place a special order for you. Particularly if it is a non-perishable good, just order a case and stash it away.

I am fortunate that I live in a place that offers a great deal of shopping opportunities. I can see from where you live, your shopping is a bit more limited. Well except for moose, you probably have more moose than me.

ps. I used to live in the middle of NH and I have eaten moose.

I may live in Maine, but I will NEVER eat Moose! or Deer, or Bear. I don’t see the point of hunting (my opinion). I didn’t know they could do all those special things. I just met the nutritionist that my store has yesterday. I never knew they had one of those either. She was a huge help!

Ok, fine, let me tell you my wife’s family recipe for “Bear Soup.” Take 10 lbs of bear meat, place it in a large stock pot with 5 gallons of water and 5 lbs of the finest new england granite rocks. Cook for three days. Add onions, carrots, turnips and potatoes. Throw out the bear meat and serve.

I agree with you, don’t eat bear. But myself, I would eat moose or deer anyday. I don’t have any problem with hunting, but I do believe in humane hunting. No animal should needlessly suffer.

And your point on a nutritionist is interesting. My local diabetes support group has for the last two years gotten a tour of the local “Whole Foods” from their corporate nutritionist. It is really cool that you met your nutritionist.

I am really impressed that you live in Maine and refuse to eat any of that stuff. That is like living in NH and saying you won’t have any of that cr*ppy NH maple syrup. My father-in-law who spent all his life working his orchard still thinks it is a travesty that I no longer eat fruit.

Don’t be impressed… I’m just a sissy! I don’t eat anything that has touched a bone, so chicken wings, pork chops, etc… Not Gonna happen. I’m pretty sure it is because my brother caused some complexes. We lived by the river growing up and my brother went through a phase where he would find muskrat skeletons or corspes and he’d boil the bones to get them clean and then make “crafts” out of them. Pretty sure that is where that issue came from. Aside from all that… my parents are from the south, and they never ate the “local” meat sources so we never did either. My issue with hunting is kinda one sided. I realize it helps with overpopulation and whatnot, but I don’t see the need for hunting or fishing when meat and fish are available in grocery stores. Now, if you didn’t have money and were truly hunting for survival I’m cool with that.

I should stop trying to explain… my mind is basically rice crispies… too many noises, you can’t locate one single one… :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to explain. People have their own feeling about these things. Besides, anyone that survives “mud season” will naturally have “rice crispy brain”

You know, our local Hy-Vee supermarket also has a nutritionist! :slight_smile: I’ve never used her though…

People say Maine has 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and mud season!

Ours is pretty good. I told her what types of things I was looking for and she led me right to them, and also gave some great suggestions to try them with. It was pretty cool.

Alana Sugar is a nutritionist for whole foods (http://www.alanasugar.com/) and has shown my local diabetes group around the store on an interesting tour. I still laugh at her name, particularly given her talking to a diabetes group. Sometimes, they can also talk to the store and their suppliers and get questions answered.