Reduce sexsual desire

i m suffering from Diabetics just from 2 years . AND MY H1bc is under 8 . But i m facing this serious problem of reduced sexual desire and other arousal problem .kindly advise what are remedies available or steps i should take for making it better .

There is a group for Mens Sexual issues, You must request membership to view this group.

I think it's great that we have a group for these issues. I also want to observe that high blood sugars can cause problems with desire, arousal and ability to "perform". You stated your A1C is "under 8" but that is still significantly high.

so please kindly help. tell me the remedy.

in that group their are very few members plus their are old posts which are around 2 years old . so question is , is it of any benifit .

Zoe is correct. Better control of your diabetes and reducing that A1C a couple of points or so will help a great deal, probably more than anything else you can do.

I do think that if you join the group that Stemwinder has suggested you will find better answers to your questions. The members of that group will already have discussed many of these issues and they will also talk more candidly to you about it. Why don't you join the group and see.

How old are you...please share?

You do not have to be a diabetic to suffer from these issues and you need to see a Medical doctor and see if there is a physacal issue, like a cardiovascular problem, many older men have issues but I can tell you that most of the problems are in our head ( libido sexual drive).....I asked for some help from a doctor that has taken care of me for most of my adult life and he said I can give you some pills but they will not help because your problem is libido, I tried the pills and they where no help, he was right because my wife cannot deliver what I'm looking for, there is much more to life than sex and the best solution for me was to focus on the rest of my wonderful life with my wife and family.

I feel obligated to remark that I find it interesting that the men are going "take it to the men's group" but the women are answering the question(s)? Obviously it's a small sample size but well, you know...

Well it could be a multitude of things...

As others have suggested tighten up your control, reduce the deviation from your target blood sugar and try to smooth things out.

Also make sure you are sleeping, eating well, drinking lots of water etc and are generally living a healthy lifestyle.

Also I would advise relax and try to stop thinking about it, it could be an anxiety issue as well :)

Perhaps get a check up/MOT from your Dr, just in case something else is up .

Failing that Sildenafil Citrate in its various guises should do the job if all else fails :)

One of the complications of long-term diabetes that is often cited in the literature is male impotence. But after only two years of diabetes it is highly unlikely that this is your issue and you should relax about that. Maybe concern about that is part of the issue for you? If so relaxing and not worrying about it may be a large part of what is needed.

And as others have suggested, bringing your BG down would also probably help a lot. HbA1c of 8 is an average BG of 183 mg/dl (10.2 mmol/l). That is too high and may have short-term consequences on libido, aside from the long-term damage that can accrue over time.

Ok, my apologies for going off track and maybe getting too personal. My explanation is that I teach a Human Sexuality course! Have you spoken to your wife, John about "she cannot deliver what I'm looking for"?

That group must be the equivalent to the Men's Locker room. Not sure, though, since you can't even read it without joining first. That said, I've found the groups here to be of very limited value because of the lack of viewer and contributor eyes.

thanks a lot jag, but my daily food intake is high in carbohydrates, and my only concern is what diet will be best for bringing my BG down . So if you can me with some diet tips at least.

thanks Spock i just working on it . Wil bring it under control soon.

HI! I would suggest a meal plan low in processed foods, examples: bread, pasta, cereal, and cereal bars......High in meat, veggies, fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil) nuts (cashews/walnuts, almonds),and some fruit. Many refer to this way of eating as eating Paleo, or Primal. But I think of it as eating real whole foods. It's difficult but I'm a believer in it. I've been eating this way since September and have seen significant improvements in blood sugar trends. It took a while for the trends to be consistently lower and for my cravings for processed foods to go away. But it had helped!!

Rajesh - get your A1c down to 6.5 preferably 6.0 and try to exercise more and sleep well. There maybe some supplements such as frolic acid that may help. If you are on heart medications that's bad news for your sex drive.

Your H1bc sounds good. Don't know how old you are Rjesh, but this isn't that unusual.Makes me wonder if your testosterone is low? That can have a lot of effect.Are you afraid to mention this to a dr? With diabetics, going low during sex is common, at least it is for me and my husband. In fact we know when he starts having problems, to check his sugar,he gets a good sz glass of orange juice, and with patience on both our parts, we try to resume. It usually works. In fact some times he ate a peanut butter sandwich, and drank some orange juice before we start. I really feel for you because we have been dealing with this for yrs (husband has been a diabetes 2 for 25 yrs and is even on dialysis now for kidney failure) and we still love sex, even at our age (he is 59, I am 58).If intercourse isn't working, we try other methods.


Women answer because maybe they are more comfortable talking about this. I have no problems talking about sex here, my problem is how not to be too graphic and getting censored!


I teach Human Sexuality at Community College and while some of the guys are very verbal in discussions it is more common for the women to be open, which I think is typical of male/female differences in talking about "personal things".