Relief....I hope

Thank you to the people who sent me “welcome” messages!! My name is Jen, but friends call me Jenner. I’m so happy to finally find a site where I can express myself and connect with real people with a real big problem…Diabetes. I don’t think people “on the outside” really understand the hardship of it. Yes, yes…it could be worse. I could have terminal cancer, or something…don’t get me wrong, there’s many things I’m greatful for…but Diabetes, man. It’s a major roadblock in my life. I’ve had it since September 1995. At that time I was 10 years old. I am 24 now and honestly, diabetes has been a struggle for me every day. First came the “Why Me?” scared, then the “Why Me?” angry. It’s just a mix now. I think diabetes has made me a really bitter, angry person deep down but I don’t show it on the outside. I hope someone on this site will understand.

Hi Jenner, I’m 21 and I was diagnosed only about 9 months ago in April 09. I can’t say I’m a veteran to diabetes like you are, but I sure know the “why me” scared and “why me” angry. Sometimes in these “why” moments Tudiabetes helps. Welcome!

Welcome, Jenner.

I understand how you feel & we all do. We’ve all been through it & are still going through it. Personally, I don’t prescribe to the it could be worse scene because it doesn’t change what the person is dealing with. .

Hold tight Jenner! You will soon get to the point that you will always look at it and say “It could be worse!” I’ve had Type 1 for 36 years and my oldest took Type 1 at 11. Me I took Type 1 at 10 too now I’m 46! YOU CAN DO THIS! Sometimes it just gets on your nerves though!

Hi Jenner. I had Type 1 for 4 months and am definitely back and forth with scared and angry. And with anger comes cheating on my diet and high numbers. Then the why did I do that? Should have bolused, etc. I think a lot of people on this site will understand you.

We understand. Believe me, we do!



We hear you loud and clear. As others have said it could be worse…that saying has carried me to my 50th year of living with D. Although I don’t consider it special I’ve always searched for inspiration from reading about others who have overcome whatever obstacles they have to carryon. Here at least you can share your feelings with others like yourself

I was dx’d over a year ago, but i just made up my mind that this wouldn’t get in my way, and i just have used diabetes as another reason why i should do something, because I CAN and WILL live my life to the fullest

Jenner,I feel what your saying, Ive been asking myself the why me now a days kind of silly really seeing as Ive had it since the age of 2 but the reason I think I am asking that question now is because of all the changes to my medication and daily life because of diabetes and it does turn me angry as I see others that are living life with any worries.
But we are all here for eachother feel free to get in contact if u wnt to have a moan but believe me u will get it

Welcome Jenner, I hear ya all too clear, hope things are going good for you.

we DO understand!
Welcome!! :wink:

I feel your pain. I was diagnosed 6 years ago, and attacked diabetes with all my heart. My A1C’s were awesome and I felt great. Over the years it has gotten harder and harder to live the life I want and it has definitely had an effect on my attitude. I also do not show how I truly feel. It can be a major roadblock and takes some serious commitment and motivation to push beyond those barriers. Best wishes to getting past what puts you down.

I hear you. I’ve had diabetes for twenty-eight years. I do all the rituals. It is a contract. What gets me is the economic side of it. We should not be devalued by the heavy costs involved in caring for the disease. Medicine is hypocritical of us. Do this, do that, and pay for it (otherwise you’re not worthy). They have words like test and value systems such as good or bad. I don’t like its morality system. I’ve been doing guerilla art postings in the city. Sometimes I go in hospitals and take fabric prints that I drape over the existing art. Yes, I have aspirations of being Banksy. But all these activities make me feel better and I would rather have subversive art than art that paints a serene picture.