Ho hum

So I have been a diabetic since October of 2011 and it is still so very hard. It feels that more times than not I am down and depressed over this disease. I have even been prone to panic and anxiety attacks a lot and I just feel at my wits end sometimes. I mean, it's not normal for someone to break down and cry while at work. The cost of insulin is stressful to say the least. I just feel that, even though I have support, I don't know anyone who really gets what I am going through. I have been told I have type 2, then type 1, then I have characteristics of both. I'm only 28 and just feel really down. Luckily I am seeing a new doctor in a week, so I am hoping it will bring positive results. Sorry for the mopey note. I just have to let things out sometimes and this seemed like the place to do it.

Its okay to be "mopey" at times Jamie. A lot of us here has gone through that...in fact some are still too :) A good support system like a community such as TuDiabetes may help you. Im glad you've found us. Here, you're not alone. Diabetes may be distinct from one another...but there are a lot of things we share in common. Yes, including the burden of insulin costs. "Letting things out" is a good thing sometimes...venting is a way of stress release. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety is not helping our bg either. We encourage you to talk about how you feel and experience...again, your are NOT alone :)

ps. have you had anti body test done? Just to determine indeed what diabetes type you have.

in india it cost less ,my close relative have type 1 ,insulin stop helping him , then he taking apple vinegar ,it works amazing,it is cheap but miracle

Hi Jamie. I was first dx'd as Type 2 and put on oral meds, which didn't work. It then became clear than I really have Type 1 and went on insulin. Diabetes is so confusing at first, but becomes easier with time. TuD is the right place to be for support.

Hi harvinder. Looking at my own story, there was a year or more that I had the symptoms of Diabetes, but wasn't yet on insulin, called the honeymoon period in Type 1's. During that time, your pancreas gives you some insulin. I suspect that if your relative has Type 1, he is in that honeymoon period, and in time will have to be on insulin to live. I have read that apple cider vinegar does help with stabilizing blood sugar.

Jamie, I don't know what kind of insulin you use, but walmart has their own Relion brand that is a third the cost of regular R and N. Those are generally sold over the counter.

I was without insurance for ages and that stuff saved my life.

Walmart also has meters for like $9 and the test strips are $36 for 100 (here in Mississippi anyway).

Just remember...you can do it.

Walmart now has a glucose monitor named Prime for $16.24 and strips are $9.00. Someone posted that information on this website and I went out and bought one and it works fine.

Jamie, you were DX'd almost exactly one year after me with a similar result. It still seems like yesterday. I believe you have found the place you were looking for. Besides insulin, I can honestly say that TuD has been my best weapon in my battle. Vent all that you need to. We all have and probably will do so again. It's just part of the deal.

By the time I was diagnosed I already had PN and retinopathy so I totally understand your fears and concerns. And yes, I had a LOT of hopeless feelings. The only thing I could do for myself was to learn all I could about diabetes and how MY body works. That is my recommendation to you, learn all you can about D and experiment with diet and activity to find what works best for you. This will help clear away the unknown and give you confidence in your ability to live with this. It takes some mental toughness and a lot of knowledge to stay ahead of this game. For me, it is ongoing. Thanks to this community and the great support I am light years ahead of where I started, but I still have my days. It is not a quick process, but you can do it. You must do it Jamie. Your doctors can help, but they are your medical support. You have to be the team leader, which really is a pretty rewarding job. Hang in there Jamie. If I can do this I know that you can too.