Remove? Or leave on?

I am having a nuclear PET image next week and according to the printed instructions from my Cardiologist it says not to take insulin unless you are on a pump. If using a pump continue as usual. Has anyone taken a PET image with their pump on??? I’m not taking any chances in ruining my pump & CGM so, I’m planning on removing them right before the test.

You can look on the pump manufacturers web site or the materials that came with the pump. That should give you specifics. I knw that MRIs are a big no-no with a pump. I left the sensor in and removed the transmitter and pump. Check the site, though, as I am not sure about PET image.

I would call your pump manufacturer and ask them directly. They will provide you the best information on if your pump's waranty will be effected. Personally, I would remove both devices for safety. I would take my insulin as I see fit under the reasoning that everyone needs insulin, you just have to take it exogenously.

I only take my pump and CGM off during magnetic imaging...but I still leave my infusion set in place because there is no metal. If they give you a locker you can take a zip-Lock bag and lock it up.

When they did CT scans on me they just placed my pump out of the scan field no big deal. I have had so meany CT scans that they will no longer perform them on me (no damage to any of my pumps) . I have also had cardiac cauterization, Nuclear stress tests, and liver cauterization done with my pump attached, again they just move it out of the scanner path.

I do remove my pump or CGM is if it is in the image path, or a MRI. The level of radiation they use on you is much lower than the x ray units they send your bags and belongings through at the airport.

Call the pump manufacturer. It's the only way to know for sure. Definitely DO NOT rely on hospital staff, because many are not familiar with insulin pumps and often just guess at the answer to these questions (as happened once when I was told that I could leave my pump on during an MRI....yeah, no).

Hey Sportster, everyone else has already said it all but I just want to wish you the best with your test. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way.

Thanks everyone for answering my question.

One more question if you don’t mind… Can you give me a briefing on what to expect? Only thing I know is that I’ll be given an IV, then scanned and then ill need to leave for a while. They said for me to go eat lunch (something greasy) and then go back afterwards.

Hey, smileandnod! Good to hear from you! I’ve been thinking about you since I hadn’t seen you on here lately. I was hoping everything was ok with you. Thank you so much for the prayers!