Removing Insulin from the pod

Last night I changed Alex's pod right before his shower. The humidity yesterday was about 89%. After he got out of the shower I noticed that all of the adhesive around the pod was lifted up and not sticking. We taped him up for today, but he will be swimming at the YMCA tomorrow so I think it's best to change the pod tonight. What is the procedure for removing the insulin from the pod so we do not waste 100 units. I tried removing the insulin once before but I was not successful. Any tips?

What works for me is inserting the syringe that comes with the pod back in and just drawing it out as best you can. I think it helps to tilt the pod slightly as you pull it out. I'm curious to see if there is a better tip, becasue I never can get all of the insulin back out...maybe about 70%. Good luck!

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That's how I do it, any other tips would be great!

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I find that not everyone can do it...I myself need to have my wife do it whenever I need to remove insulin from the pod...I guess it is just a matter of being able to get a "feel" for it. When she does it, she just uses one of the syringes they include with the pods and draw from the hole on the bottom towards the "pointed" end of the pod. Dont be discouraged if you dont draw insulin on the first try...she has drawn a blank in the past but she now can draw all 150 units in one try. Good luck, and PEACE.

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I’ve never tried to remove any but I have had that same “humidity” experience. I was working in the yard and the pod on my abdominal came completely loose!

I had that happen recently too. I've got 110+ degree weather lately, and there is no way not to break a sweat when outside. Put in a few minutes of yard work and "PLOP" the pod dropped to the ground as if it were never stuck to my abs. Oh well, at least it was just about time to change it anyway.

After losing my pod a few times, I now always use the Skin Tac wipes when placing the pod and carry Nexcare tape around with me in case it comes loose. I live in south Florida and deal with high humidity almost year round.

To pull the insulin out of a pod I hold it with the filler hole down and extract as much as I can using the same technique as when filling the needle from the bottle. Pull the plunger back to wherever seems appropriate for the amount of insulin, insert the needle into the pod and press the plunger and pull back slowly. Like Roxie, I get more than half but not the full amount.

Well thanks everyone. I pulled almost all of the 100 units out of the pod and put it into the new one. Working good so far.


I am about to begin my third day with the Dash. It was loaded to the max. I think there will be well over 100 units in the pod upon its expiration. I am very relieved to hear insulin recovery is possible from the pods.

Thanks to all for your help.

@Habeeb. Try to fill the pod with the expected amount of what you’ll need over the each three days, with maybe a little extra.

It does start to degrade after it has been next to your body heat for 3 days. I have pulled it back out of a pod on several occasions but only if it’s the 1st, maybe 2nd day.

I know I was warned by my NP with my endo, who were both type 1’s that she could tell the difference in how it worked on her the 3rd day. . I never noticed any difference on the 3rd day, but I would hate to think what day number 6 might be like and if you keep pulling it out and adding it to a new one what day 9, 12, etc would do to it…