Replacement Battery Cap and Replacement Cartridge Cover - Animas Pump

Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to Type 1 Diabetes and have only been a pump user for 2 years. I used to use the the MM pump but recently switched to Animas. Anyway, my insurance covers DME at 100 percent. I know you are supposed to replace the battery cap and cartridge cover on the Animas every so often. Since this is a maintenance issue I would think that insurance would cover the cost of a new battery cap and cover cap. Does anyone know if this is true? I tried calling my insurance but the rep had no idea what I was talking about....go figure.

I would guess they should cover it, at the same rate as DME supplies; cannulas, adhesive, tubing. However my own experience is that my insurance company "can't be sure" until they receive a bill from the supplier with the appropriate billing code on it. Some things, even though they are supplies, get billed as prescription items and that's the way the insurance company handles them.