Replacement pump, helloooo

Got myself all hooked up to my replacement pump today. I put in all my settings by myself but i had no clue how to sync up my meter so I called minimed for that…only a 40 minute wait this time. lol. But the guy was super helpful : )

I was eating lunch and showing my mum my new pump and she asked me what I named it…it never even crossed my mind that i ought to give my new pump a new name!

Soooo RIP Pumpeta, and Hello new pump- Pekka!

Now, Pekka- is derived from old Finnish name Petrus (which in turn comes from the Greek name Petros which means rock), English name Peter has same origin as Pekka. Nameday July 29th.

My pump arrived on July 29th, and it pretty much is like a rock- solid, sturdy, useful…lol, so I figured it would be a fitting name…besides i love alliteration, so Pekka the Pump! hah. yay :slight_smile:

Congratulations! And I assume you mean July 29th and not June 29th?

thanks guys! haha yes i meant july goes to edit…Freudian slip, I wish it was only june and there was more summer left! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh btw, the Medtronic wait time- they attribute it to the recent Lot 8 quickset recalls. Which I think is a blasphemous excuse- even if that is the reason why they have such long wait times ( when you call they place you on hold and say your expected wait time is 60 minutes!) they still shouldn’t have such a long wait, they ought to realize people call the helpline with life or death situations that cant wait an hour…like pump failures and spontaneous combustion! jeez. lol :stuck_out_tongue: