For fun! To name my pump or not? :)

Well like many of you know I’m a new pump user and was wondering if you guys have names for yours and if so do you have any ideas? :slight_smile: It is a clear minimed 722 and I prefer to think of it as a girl lol :slight_smile:

Sure, go ahead and name your pump. I don’t have any suggestions and I don’t have a pump. But I call my blood glucose monitoring system The Money Pit, considering all the test strips I’ve use.

Thats a good name!!

I named mine!!! Her name is Athena…means goddess of wisdom and war. Seemed fitting since Diabetes is the war and she (my pump) is the wisdom behind it to keep me alive! Kind of corny I know, but makes my insulin pump more of a part of me than just some medical device “thing” I connect to me.

Thats soo cool!! Yeah I agree, pumps are more to their users then medical devices :slight_smile:

I havent named mine. But I have been saying I love my new pump so much it is the new man in my life.

Mine dosent really have a gender. it is called Bleepy. It is an animas 2020

Thanks for the answers guys :slight_smile:

yup, i am also a dork who named my pump. i have the omnipod, so he’s called mr. poddington. (i thought he needed something posh…)

Thats funny :slight_smile: I don’t know what to name mine…

I am a fan of the old TV show Bonanza. I have a minimed 722 pump and it is black…and I call it Adam Carbwright.
Miss Maggie

I like the idea of naming it after someone/something that you like like that :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I hadn’t thought about this, but I think I’ll name mine Buzz because recently I’ve had it set to vibrate so that I don’t get alarms going off when I’m at work. Hehe…

My husband requested that we name my Ping “Magratheia!” - if any of you are familiar with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll understand why the ! is required >.<

When I told him that was too big of a name for something so small, he then suggested “Squirty” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a good name :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with the show but Squity is a cute name :slight_smile:

i think its so cute !
really,if i,i mean when i pump
i well definitely name my pump,something short sweet and adrable,but
i won’t say it out loud,just btween me and my self :slight_smile:

I Love this subject lol. Its great to get “personal” with your pump by naming it I mean afterall you both will be together forever:0) I have an omnipod and his name/names is/are Podnuh. My husband came up with it. Because of the “pods” that are used and because of this awesome bbq place that we use to like to go too. lol I love my podnuh even though we are still trying to get better control lol after 2 yrs!

I would say go for it, name your pump whatever you want and make it fun. Not too many things with d are fun so this is one of them:0) Let us know what you come up with!!! Take care!


Mine is “The Green Hornet”. Because the insulin delivery option is so quick its like being stung.

(compared to my previous pumps)

Thanks guys :slight_smile: