Request for cgms: denied by insurance

I sought coverage from United Health Care for my CGMS that accompanies the Minimed Paradigm 722. UHC denied coverage, and I paid out of pocket for the cost of the CGMS.

Insurance companies need to GET A CLUE and realize that PREVENTING complications of D is a GOOD investment, and worth the money, in the long run!!

Thanks, Gina, for making today the “Raise Your Voice” day re CGMS denial. Anyone else who has been denied coverage should participate in the RYV day today!! Click here for more info.

Well said!!!

One mile ambulance ride to hospital: $2920.00
Hospital bill for useless tests: $33592.94
Box of ten sensors: $350

Denial of benefits: Priceless

I started an online petition:

Oh wow, I have UHC and they approved me. What were their reasons?

Nikki, I applied for the CGM over a year ago, so I think I just got UHC’s standard response. My endo wrote a letter on my behalf, stating that she found it medically necessary, but they simply told me that they didn’t cover the CGM or the sensors. I think things have changed now, thank goodness, and they are more amenable to considering appeals. Did you have to appeal, or did they grant coverage right away?