Research help needed!

Hi all! My name is Craige McKenna. I am writing my dissertation on stress and diabetes; I need many type 1s, so if you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at and I’ll get you started. You will need to fill-out 3 questionnaires that will not take more than 20-25 minutes to complete. All information will be kept confidential and only I will have access to the information.
Thanks in advance!

I just sent you an email, but wanted to identify myself here first.

Does this help? :slight_smile:

Tell us a little about your research…where you are studying, etc. Thanks:)

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Kathy - I never got your e-mail. Are you interested in participating in my research?

Manny - thanks for the info. I have saved it and will definitely use it.

Patricia - I am a Ph.D. student at Walden University in Public Health. The purpose of my study is to: (a) determine the effect that personality (i.e., type A or type B) has on the perceived stress of people with diabetes, and (b) determine if personality type affects the person’s with diabetes self-efficacy in managing their diabetes. The distinctive contribution that this study will add is that the results will illustrate the differences in stress levels of people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and how it is managed based on their personality type.

I will be sending an email to you shortly. I would be interested in participating.

Im definately in (if you need more subjects). Will try and send you an email now…