Resistant starch and leftover pasta

I saw a mention in a cookbook I recently bought (Blending Science with Spices, by Gita Patel, the dietician I saw a couple of weeks ago) of "resistant starch" - which occurs in cooked-then-cooled starchy foods (whole grains, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) According to Gita, this starch causes lower blood sugar than other digestible starches and also improves colon health.

I googled "resistant starch" to find out more, and found this very recent article:

Time for some controlled testing for me, I think!

A very interesting article. Wonder how much futher they plan on carrying this research. But then again I noticed that it said 'some', so that would depend on the individual. But if a person turns out to be that individual it works on then so much the better. I'm not too crazy about that kind of food but for those who are it's a very wonderful start if working for them. More power to the research!!!
Thanks Nellie for that article. I enjoyed reading it and hope that it developes futher. Wonder if that could work on other things besides the pasta bit. Then others that had to give up because even portioning didn't work for them could give a shot. But there are some things that are very awful tasting when reheated. Trust me I know. ;)