Results Are

I went to see my endo -- a new one, since mine had twins and decided to move on to a job where she could have a bit more freedom -- earlier this month and just got the results in the mail today.

The good news: My A1c is 5.8 -- I'm back in the 5 club! My thyroid levels, kidney function, liver function and protein levels in my urine were also "normal", though she did not specify what that means. So, diabetes-wise, that looks good!!

The other good news: My vitamin D levels are up! I think they were in the 20s last year. This time, they are 56, which is right where they should be! I've been taking the full 2000 iu of vitamin D everyday just in supplements. When I remember, I also add in another 800 iu from a calcium supplement I try to take at lunch and dinner, though that's something I do forget. I'm just happy my levels are raised up enough to be in the normal range without having to go overboard.

The one (sorta) bad news: My LDL is 132, which is still higher than what they'd like (100 or less). She didn't pass on the total cholesterol or HDL cholesterol numbers, so I can't make any further assessment of that number (e.g. HDL:LDL ratio), but I do know that my HDL numbers are typically outstanding, 60 mg/dl or more, so as long as my HDL is still in the great range, I'm still not willing to go on a low dose of any cholesterol lowering med. This doctor is at least willing to accept that logic and didn't pursue the issue any further. At least for now.

Anyhow, that's the good news!! I'm happy with those results!!

Way to go!! Re the cholesterol, last summer I was training hard, eating real eggs w/ ham several days/ week, maybe some other stuff and my HDL drifted up to 110, the doc was "concerned" but waived off the rx for then. I switched to spinach/ broccoli/ egg beaters for breakfast and cut out small servings of pretzels, replacing them w/ carrots and broccoli. It fixed the cholesterol issue, getting HDL back to the 80s and I also perceived, whether it was psychosomatic or not I'm not sure, that I was able to recover more quickly from some long runs I did at about the same time? This made me think "gee, mom was right and I should eat my vegetables" and I've kept at it. Nothing exciting but I feel pretty strong, recovered quickly from surgery in October and got back into working out rapidly too.