The results are in!

No, I’m not talking about the presidential circus, I’m talking about my recent A1c test! Before I give you the latest results, let me give you a little history. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2005, I can’t recall what my A1c was then but the last three tests I’ve had was as follows 6.2, 6.5 and then the recent one. There was a little time in between those last two numbers because I kind of “fell off the wagon”. Well, more like leaning over the tailgate, basically I really didn’t stick with taking my meds regularly and not eating right or exercising as I should.

Over the past few months I have gotten much better about taking my meds and trying to exercise. I was pretty sure my numbers wouldn’t be good at all which had me a little worried. I also did the pee test for the first time, I haven’t done that before and was kind of glad it was done.

Today, I am very happy to say that my A1c was 6.0!!! Honestly I was figuring it was much higher, at least 7.0. I was very relieved to hear this and this news is just what I needed to help keep me motivated and on track with my meds, diet and exercise. I have type 2 and I don’t think my condition is as serious as others and I am so thankful for that but I am also aware and concerned for those that have type 1 or a more sever form of type 2. One of my co-workers has type 2 and I think his last A1c was 7. something. He takes insulin shots but I don’t think he eats or exercises as he should. i hope my recent numbers can help inspire him and show him it can be done.

My other numbers for Cholesterol were

LDL (bad) = 76
HDL (Good) = 38 (between 40-60 is ideal. Above 60 is great according to the doc.)
Tri = 118
Total = 138

As you can see my LDL is low which is a good thing, however my HDL is low as well. I need to do some research on this and see what foods help boost that number. As for the HDL and Triglicerides, I really don’t understand them all that well so I need to research them too.

So overall I’m doing quite well and very positive about my numbers. This also energized me to start working on my bicycles over winter and get them ready for the next year of riding. I’ve got an old Bianchi road bike that I’m going to strip down, repaint and upgrade the components on it and do some serious road riding in 2009! I also have my trusty ol mountain bike that I’ve had for years. It needs an overhaul bad and I don’t see myself doing anymore real “mountian biking” any time soon so I’ll probably turn it into more of a commuting bike.


CONGRATS!! Great A1c so give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the great work…

Congrats on the A1C.

Actually Debb, the bike would be much better for your knee than say walking or running. Not saying that those are bad activities to do, just that with cycling it puts less of an impact on your knee joints than walking or running.

Granted my idea of cycling is the goofy outfit and doing at least 20 miles. But you don’t have to do that, Studies have shown that even a casual ride around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes offers really good benefits.

Going back to the knee issues, At first you will notice some pain if you don’t ride very much. But over time as you do it more your knee will develop the muscles, ligaments and tendons to develop a stronger knee. Also your Omega 3 fatty acids help with development of joint stuff. I take a couple of fish oil gel tabs everyday (which also helped my Cholesterol numbers) and that has helped.

The ball is an excellent idea. I have one but I don’t use it nearly as much as I would like to.