My blood test results!


yay! my DR called me really excited. she told me everything looked WAY better. my liver is fine, my cholestorol is fine and my A1C is 6.1 (3 months ago it was 10.6) I've lost 15lbs in 3 months without killing myself. she was really impressed with how fast it all changed. she told me to keep up the good work and I dont need to see her for another 3-4 months. yay! I did get a referal with an ENDO but I need to see if its covered by my insurance. I'm going to the next support group on thursday. I have to ask them what they think about my DR asking if I wanted to go on the pump. I dont think I want to. I think I can control it with shots.

*also about a month ago I had an eye exam and everything looks great. my prescription didnt even change.*


crystalee, haven’t ‘spoken’ for ages yeah babe! haha yay for good news! now it’s my turn to wait for my blood test results…in two weeks i’ll find out what my c-peptide results are…and hopefully get some answers to my t1 or t2 mystery! hope all’s well with you and your family. and keep it up! :slight_smile:


That’s WONDERFUL progress!!!


That improvement is incredible good for you.