Results of a research study on closed-loop system in home setting


@CatLady06, thank you for posting the link to this fresh study, published yesterday, September 17, 2105, in the New England Journal of Medicine. The multi-center, multi-national (UK, Germany, Austria) study in long term diabetics in a “free-living” setup demonstrated that programmatically adjusting insulin up and down not only works but is safe. Their main endpoint was time in range, my favorite measure. They also found that the closed-loop system reduced glucose variability as well as time spent hypo.

This study seems to be the important building block needed to “hurry up already, I’m not getting any younger!” I know science needs to plod along in a determined and sane way but I wish it would move just a bit faster. This study is worth the read.

I thank the New England Journal of Medicine for not locking down the results of this study behind a paywall. There’s too much of that going on these days and it often hides info from the people with the biggest stake, the patients.


My husband sent me the link to the study and I since I noticed some discussion in other threads about whether or not to trust a closed-loop system, I thought members would want to know about this study.