Retarding sensors and Error#1

My insurance doesn’t cover Dex, so I pay for everything out of pocket. Because of this, I always reuse my sensors until they no longer work. I didn’t have any problems doing this for my first several months. Now, though, every time I try to restart a sensor after the first week, I get an Err1 message. I dont know what changed, and I have no idea what’s causing this or why. Has this happened to anyone else? Any possible solutions? All these sensors worked fine, with no errors or ??? until I tried redrafting them. I can’t afford to use the Dex if I can only use the sensors for a week. Thanks all.

Just curious. How much does the enitre system cost? By the way, I have gotten Err1 but not when restarting a sensor. It normally goes away aftre waiting 2 -3 hrs

Mine are only lasting 10 day this summer before getting ???. Maybe they are sensitive to the heat?

It may also be that DEX manufacturers have decided add that error, making it impossible for people to use beyond 1 week! That will be outrageous

When you stop sensor. Then press start sensor, there is no way for the receiver to know that you have not changed your sensor. It is still the same transmitter ID number.

So, it is very puzzling that this would happen to you, every time you stop sensor, and then start sensor.

But I assume it does not happen to you, if you actually put a new sensor? There is no way for the receiver to know.

Do you press “Stop Sensor”?

Anna, Ray has asked a good question. If you press “start sensor”, in order to renew it, but failed to press “stop sensor” beforehand, then you would definitely get an error. Maybe you used to press “stop sensor” as your first step, but you may be neglecting to do that now.

My menu system does not even show Start Sensor as an option unless you press Stop Sensor first. Unless the old receivers are different than mine, I don’t think that the original poster could make that mistake.

Call support. There is a way to attempt a recovery from Err1 (it doesn’t always work). I have tried when I got one during the first week. I think Err1 means that the signal cannot be interpreted.