RGV Film Documentary

What do you’ll think of the documentary we are working on in the RGV? http://bit.ly/h0S7cQ


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Uh, I click on the link and I get a popup prompting me for a password, then it denies me access.

It’s probably the settings on your computer. Please Go to You Tube and look up 2050 today trailer. Thank You!

Or, try this link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YDx-0pVQcc&sns=fb

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Ok, I have several, um, ‘issues’ with this video.

  1. It makes NO differentiation between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. So therefore, it’s only going to add to the ignorance out there that Type 1 is caused by lifestyle, which it NEVER is. The increase in the epidemic of diabetes is not only affecting Type 2 diabetes, it is also affecting Type 1. Type 1 rates are skyrocketing in some areas, and the CDC can’t figure out why. Why not make mention of this in the video?

  2. It seems to place all the blame for Type 2 on obesity and fast food and lack of activity. Um, ok…what about POPs? What about genetics? What about steroid-induced (or other medication induced) diabetes? What about all the Type 2 diabetics who were thin and physically active and were diagnosed anyway?

I see this trailer and just see all the common stereotypes being spread over and over…

Very true. However most of the doctors we interviewed in the Rio Grande Valley state that obesity is the biggest cause of diabetes, at least in the RGV. 33% of the population are diabetics, the two biggest things you could do to prevent diabetes is diet and exercise. Most of the population in the RGV think it’s ok to give your two yr old soda out of a bottle, and feed your kids 3000 calories a day. We are trying to focus on the main issues in the RGV, and of course it’s just our trailer we have many more aspects of diabetes we plan to educate on! I appreciate your comment it was very insightful! Thanks Again:)

It might help to talk about “type 2 diabetes” if that is who you are aiming your project to. Good luck on the work you are doing in your community.

It concerns me to say that obesity causes diabetes. That’s simply untrue. Yes, diet and excercise can help control and even hold off the onset of T2 but that does not equate to it being the cause.

Agree with the others that you need to specify that your documentary is about T2 & explain the difference between T1 & T2.

Obsesity is emphatically not the cause of T2 & there are innumberable discussions here on the topic. You can read these & do research, There are thin T2s & obese people who aren’t diabetic & will never be. Type 2 is a complex metabolic disease with a genetic component. Insulin resistance causes weight gain. Oversimplying by cutting between overweight individuals & unhealthy food perpetrates the media myth that people cause their disease… No one knows the cause & there is no cure or any prevention. Exercise, weight loss & diet assist greatly with managing diabetes, but they’re only tools. Type 2s often have associated endocrine issues such as thyroid problems, PCOS & others.

Frankly, I’d like to see factual info presented.

This is so my favorite female is underweight and European which has less a priori chance. Yet her last A1c was 6.0 % not good. She eats no junk food whatsoever ever and eats little carbs. So only Gods knows the causes of diabetes so far.

Unfortunately, our medical system has declared that the cause of diabetes (T2) is obesity. This charge is being led by your favorite CC (Corrupt Charity) the ADA. You are entirely right, most/many doctors believe that diabetes is “caused” by obesity and if patients would just eat less and stop eating fat, they would prevent diabetes and even cure many patients. And while I certainly agree feeding kids soda and eating twinkies is not good having kids lose weight in itself will do nothing to address the high rates of diabetes. The real problem, particularly for the Rio Grande Valley is that the population is vulnerable to the Standard American Diet. Latino and native americans are particularly vulnerable to the high carb western diets and the huge rates of diabetes display that. The occurrence of obesity is a symptom, not a cause.

Unfortunately, the message driven by the ADA through it’s Diabetes Prevention Program is that if you just lose weight you can prevent and recover from diabetes. That is just going to hurt a lot of people. What I believe is true is that for a large proportion of the population in places like the Rio Grande Valley a low carb diets based on whole food sources (as opposed to processed foods high in fructose) could result in significant reductions in diabetes rates even if the entire population is still obese.