RIPPED OUT- I knew it would happen sooner or later

I took my shower this morning after getting up and changed my quickset infusion set. Later on I was rearranging the tubing and I almost pulled it out. A couple of hours later while sitting at the kitchen table at the computer, I got up and of course I pulled it right out of my belly. No pain just a lot of fustration. This is the second one I had to throw away since going on the pump three weeks ago and it won’t be the last. I would appreciate hearing some stories from others too.

Ugh - you know what - I guess I’ve been pretty lucky - so far - touch wood - haven’t ripped out my infusion set yet - tho’ have felt like doing it myself when irritation starts - but I am a glutton for punishment and it stays in the full 72 hours - with no ill effects. I’m thinking maybe because my my skin is dry - the tape sticks to me like glue - so even in the beginning when I would get hooked up on door knobs (duh) - the infusion would still stay in place. Do you use any IV Prep to make sure the infusion set stays on you securely Richard? Just wondering.
Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribs of a Diabetic

I’ve also been lucky in the 10 years of pumping I’ve never pulled one out. I think what might help is to always tuck tubing inside.

Oh yeah, I use IV Prep and put some more around after I insert. I guess I caught it on the arm of the chair as I was getting up. It happened so fast that I couldn’t stop it.

My favorite lost-set memory was one time back in 2000 when I was really late to work and my dog ran THROUGH the loop in the tube that I had just changed while I was trying to get out the door. How she managed it, I’ll never know. But that was back when I was a brand new pumper and it took me like 15min to do a set change. Not fun.

I plan to try-out some the Sure-T’s this time. They look like the help with that problem.