Roche announced that its Accu-Chek Solo tubeless patch pump system has received a CE Mark

Great news, happy to see other companies jumping into the tubeless systems.



Yes, it is very good to see that. But I was troubled by Roche leaving the U.S. market a couple years ago.

There are a few companies in Europe that are moving in this direction.

Hopefully we can see them in the U.S. too.

BTW, Cellnovo is another tubeless one in Europe:

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Happy to see additional tubeless pumps, too, but the pdm looks pretty clunky, cf. Omnipod. Wish it could be smartphone based.

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I don’t trust smartphone based devices. I have interruptions of data to my phone from the G5. My dexcom receiver loses data far less often. I’d have to see overwhelming evidence that a phone could operate a pump with way more than 99.9% reliability for me to be onboard with it.

I am excited to have another competitor in the market.

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I saw the Cellnovo pump at a conference about a year ago, looks interesting too!

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What phone are you using? I have been on for 2 years now with no interruptions at all, when keeping the phone in the same room.

I am using AndroidAPS with a DanaRS pump. The connectivity between the smartphone and the pump is absolutely rock-solid and good for about 4 metres. It is stable and reliable and in no way comparable with Dexcom G5 and its tendency to lose connection. If AndroidAPS is unable to establish connection with the pump an alarm goes off. This is almost always because I have put the phone down and walked away. In >6 months I have had 1 (one) occasion where the lost connectivity with the pump alarm sounded for real, and this was fixed by restarting the phone.

Unlike other looping solutions, the AndroidAPS interface with the Dana pump is not a hack but based on open systems Bluetooth communication protocols developed in collaboration by SOOIL (the pump manufacturers) and the AAPS developers

JDRF is encouraging open system pumps and technology. If other manufacturers went down the same route we would have a good choice of systems.


interesting info, Jim.