Root canal treatment

Hi, I am an endodontist (root canal specialist). Things changed quite a lot in Denstistry in the past two decades and I am quite sure that the experience of having a root canal done won’t be so unpleasant. Of course that there are nicer things to do (and to have done) than this but, if you have to go through this, the sooner the better. All licensed dentists should be able to do a root canal but, because Dentistry became as especialized as medicine in the past years, you can also look for a specialist. If you live in the States you can find one at or you dentist can refer you to one. Front teeth are usually easier and you shouldn’t need a specialist for that. Since your diabetes is controlled you don’t have to do anything else, just book one first appointment. Yes, it can take a few appointments, but again, a specialist is more experienced and faster. A tooth can be just inflammed, because of a deep decay or large restoration and needs a root canal treatment or it can be infected by bacteria, and this should be of bigger concern for a patient with diabetes. If this is the case, the treatment should be done over at least two appointments, leaving a medicament inside the root canal with the aid of killing persistent bacteria. Endodontically treated teeth are usually more fragile and should have a restoration (filling) placed as soon as possible, preferably after 2 weeks of root canal treatment completion. Oh, and just a last note: the treatment is usually asymptomatic.
I am starting to work with diabetic patients that had root canal treatments in the past, to observe the treatment outcome and this is the reason I joined tudiabetes, to find out more. I hope it helps and be corageous!!! Take Care!

Thanks, Isabel. So kind of you to post this.

Isabel, thanks for this post. Last year I went through a horrible experience losing a molar and getting an implant. I’m going to have to do it all over again with another tooth. Anyway, I’d love to see more discussions on oral care! We’re glad you joined us!