Dental infections really do affect BG

Well, I was a skeptic. Despite sage advice Brian has posted here many times, I dismissed this idea.

No more.

Had a root canal last week. Molar, 3 roots. It was a disaster initially (had to be sent to an Endodontist -- the "other endo" -- after my dentist failed). In any case, here it is a week later, healing up nicely, and lo and behold I've become more insulin sensitive for no other apparent reason.

Of course, this isn't definitive, but the correlation is there. That infected tooth had to be infected for some time. Now it's not, it's the only real difference in my health from last week, and if this continues I'll have to adjust my IC on my pump.

I'm glad you figured that out... I think most infections will cause higher insulin needs. What is an endodentist?

Sorry to hear about your root canal. I wish I could have given you advice that would have avoided the root canal. Sadly I still struggle with dental problems. My diabetes and dental struggles just seem gripped in a deadly cycle and my dentist and periodontist are putting their kids through college with my help.

Maybe you have a hidden endo attraction??

FWIW, my dental hygienist strongly recommends an endodontist for all root canals.

An endodontist is a specialist who deals with diseases of dental pulp and nerve.

ok, I thought maybe it was a dentist who was also an endo, lol!


An opportunity...

lol.. I don't get it though?

It was a bit obscure, and I was playing off of a typo you made.

Endocrinologist + Dentist => Endodentist

An opportunity for someone... become an endocrinologist and a dentist, combine the specialties.

Never happen, but your typo got my creative juices flowing.

As for Batman, he's insignificant... just a good chin-stroking picture.

"Dental infections really do affect BG"

You bet your [fill in blank here] they do. They affect darn near everything, including heart disease, just to pluck a random example out of the air.

Skepticism can be a very good thing -- in its proper place.