Running Belt

I just wanted what you guys recommend on a running belt been looking at the Nathan Speed 2 Hydration belt and the ifitness Neoprene Ultimate 2 race belt.Im not sure which one the Nathan belt has the water bottles doesnt seem to have much storage the ifitness has alot of storage but no water bottles. Im on the pump so be carrying that plus emergency items. I am working on trying to run a marathon in the next year or so.

Darryl - I found this belt recently and just love it. Very comfortable and can be customized to carry more or less stuff depending on your needs.

I'm carrying a water bottle, test kit, electrolyte tabs, 6-8 gu's, and my Dexcom all inside comfortably.

Nice, thanks for the reply

Hi Darryl,

I use the Nathan Trail Mix Data belt No. 4625N. It is the only one I’ve found that fits the essentials. It holds my ID, the PDA, small lancet, and small bottle for a few test sticks (baby aspirin) bottle. Then there is additional room in the small stretch pocket for gel packs. The are two water bottles. I use one with a dilutes gel and water mixture and the other is plain water. I only run half marathons but find I don’t use much of the gel and water mixture. I mainly use the water and can find places to refill when I go out for my practice runs. The belt has elastic in it so it does not bounce, and a quick clip-type fastener.

It has worked well for me and is easy to access by just sliding the belt around to the front when I need to get into the pockets.