How to carry d-gear while running (or other activities)

What do people use to carry stuff while running? I've seen some "fuel belts" and the Spibelt (, as well as some larger hip bags like these from GoLite (

I'm trying to sew one that works for what I need to carry, but curious what others use so I can have an idea of what works well for our D gear. I'm thinking I would be carrying a 4oz bottle, Animas pump, Dexcom cgm, roll of glucose tabs, cell phone, and keys.

Thanks! I'll update this when I finish making my gear.

I clip my pump to my jock strip, and put a tiny glucometer with a few strips an a lancet in a sandwich bag in one pocket of my running shorts, and some glucose gels in my other pocket, and I'm good to go. Of course, on really long runs, you'll need hydration. My friends and I usually do our long runs in loops and stop for a drink every six miles or so. Jeff

Sounds like that could work well if you don't need to carry much. For now, I've just been putting things in my pants pockets or a bike jersey with rear pockets, but things move around a bit too much so I want something a little more snug and capable of holding a few more items. I don't go for long runs (yet) where I need hydration, so I'm not too concerned with carrying water yet.

I use a spibelt for shorter runs with the pump in the pouch along with a key and GU. I use the sport clip to keep the dexcom on the waistband of the belt for those runs. When I need water I have been using the fuel belt (the older version). You can fit a key, the dexcom, and 1-2 GU in the pouch. I clip my pump to the belt itself and haven't had an issues there. I have one water bottle with water and the other with a gatorade or acclerade. I have always found the roll of glucose tabs hard to carry and that is why I switched to a GU when I need something. Jayna

I've done everything from carrying my full kit in my shorts pockets, to carry that same kit in a shirt pocket, to carrying it in a made-for-skiing/running bottle carrier, to carrying it in a small pack, sort of specific to running. I've tried a lot, and continue to use many different methods. I'm picky nowadays when buying running shorts and shirts, and getting only those items with some sort of pocket. Out of all of them though, I probably like the water bottle carrier, where the bottle is slanted. Mine happens to be a Swix, but I know I've seen a very similar thing from GoLite.

Back in May, I lost my meter and ID from my bike jersey -- they were in the case that came with my Freestyle Lite. I've since purchased a small neoprene case (originally intended for a small point-and-shoot digital camera) with an Ultrasuede-like patch on one side, which carries my state ID, meter, strips, lancet device, and enough cash to not get arrested. My reasoning was both weather/sweat-proofing and adding enough friction to keep the case from falling out on a bumpy road. So far, so good...

When I need more hydration than two bike bottles will hold, but I don't need to go full-out -- or when I need just a little more space than my jersey pockets will hold, I use a Camelbak Mini-MULE. It's designed for children, but I'm short and it suits me well enough. It has a 40-oz bladder. (I also have a 2-l High Sierra hydration pack for more serious summer training. It, too, can hold my d-stuff.)

Spibelt does it for me. I use the double pouch and put my meter and strips in one, carbs in the other. Dexcom goes with the carbs or in a pocket if I happen to be using it.

Clip my meter to my shorts.