Diabetic friendly hydration vests

Does anyone have recommendations for diabetic-friendly hydration vests? I currently use a Nathan hydration vest but it doesn't allow easy access to all my supplies (snacks/gels, glucometer, test strips, lancet) and I also still have to wear a spibelt to carry my insulin pump. The other drawback is the Nathan pack makes me sweat so badly (even in cool temperatures) that I'm always fighting cramps for the last 6 to 8 miles.

I need it for both pavement and trail running but it doesn't have to be able to carry much more than what I mentioned but I do need to be able to reach everything without having to take the pack off.

I'm trying to break 4 hours but I keep coming up short and I feel like I won't be able to do it until I get this situation resolved.

In short, I need a vest that holds all my diabetic related crap and doesn't make me sweat like a pig.

Can anyone offer any advice or help on this?


I wear a hydration vest and a belt. My belt is a single pouch but I added 2 more. I look like robo cop runner. :slight_smile:

I’ve been through several vests, and the best I have come across are the signature series ultra vests by Ultimate Direction. I have last years SJ ultra vest, and love it. I’ve used it on a couple Ultras’ & marathon distance training runs.

If you are carrying a lot of supplies, you may want to check out the Peter Bakwin vest. There’s a little more storage up front, and it may allow you to ditch the Spi belt all together.

Here’s the link.

Happy running

I’m wearing the SJ vest in my profile pic.