Running hot at night?

Anyone experience sweating at night or just overall being 'hot' while you sleep? I don't know if it's my metabolism, being so active, or it's just part of being type 1, but I'm hot when I sleep. My BG numbers are spot on, gf will be under sheets, blankets, and comforter, while I'm burning up with no covers at all!

I like the bedroom to be really cool, almost cold, but I don't feel hot or sweaty. Some people have revved up metabolisms. Don't think it's a T1 thing. Would be interesting to take your temp to see if it's higher than normal. I'm hypothyroid so mine runs consistently low. One hyperthyroid symptom is having high body temp. Not saying you have that:)

After workouts, I will sometimes experience overheating at night, particularly if I have overextended myself. It could be the metabolism boost after exercise or it might be related to something like higher growth hormone release at night.

Yup. I'm my GFs electric blanket.

The only times I'm hot at night are when I'm high and when I'm having hot flashes...but I don't think the latter is your problem. :)

I know your saying your numbers are perfect but if your BG is low and rebounds or it's a little high and starts trending down it can cause night sweats. If your not using a CGM this can be hard to catch with a few finger sticks during the night.

Turn your AC up....

I get a lot of hot flashes at night and I am long past menopause. Even in winter I sleep on top of the sheets while my husband is under a quilt. I have a feeling it is stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline spiking.

YES! Me too, I've asked my Endo about this. I believe it does have to do with diabetes; when I'm low or getting even to an 80 I'll start to get cold, when I'm high I sweat, sweat, sweat and get SO hot too...some nights I'm literally up turning up the heat then turning my fan on. I profusely sweat nearly every night and when my blood sugars do big fluctuations. Think about it, one of the first signs of a low blood sugar is SWEATING then chills. Thus, unless my numbers stay stable the entire night, then I don't vary in body temperature. That was one of my symptoms, how I knew something was wrong, I was getting SO HOT, soaking wet at night before Dx. The minute I started on insulin I was FREEZING, FREEZING cold, I've talked to other Type 1 friends of mine, they've experienced the same thing.

I went through a period of hot flashes in the fall, then they stopped. They're back, and it's NOT fun trying to get a full night's sleep! (Why the heck did they disappear during the winter when I needed them?!?)

I do! I freeze my hubby out sometimes because I have to have the ceiling fan going. He has told me that heat just radiates off of me at night. lol Doesn't matter if sugars are low, normal, etc. Although I do wake up with bad sweats if I'm low. :/

luv, luv this..too cute...ah!

I work out twice a day, soccer throughout the week, so I think it may have to do with my metabolism. I've woken up at 160 and 104 in the night and in the mornings, so it's not necessarily a high or low. My gf freezes and then cuddles up next to me and within a minute she's like "Omg, you're sweating already!". If she's cold, I'm her personal heater, but I can't sleep with any blanket's on, long sleeves, nor socks! Windows have to be open or the AC has to be on for me to fall to sleep.

and thristy too, all the time. does anyone else have this? is it just part of having diabetes, always thristy, dry mouth no matter what my blood sugars are, it seems..?

Yes me too. I definitely run much hotter than I ever did. I was wonderin the same thing if it was related to my diabetes. like you I could be high or low or just right and I still get hot. Hmmmm,,,,