Ladies: Night sweats question (sorry if TMI)

I’ve noticed a couple of times now that I’ve woken up in the middle of the night completely drenched–both me, and the sheets. Neither time did I have the feeling that I was overly warm before waking up in this condition. Last night when this occurred I tested my bg and was at 115, which is higher than usual for me. Is this likely to be some problem with diabetes management (normally I have a bedtime snack, but last night I fell asleep before I could get one), or hormonal, or are the two things related? I was thinking maybe it was some kind of perimenopausal hot flash, but the not feeling warm part confuses me. Thanks for any insight.

Have you done a search on discussions on this site? There’s one from 2008 that suggests that it could be BG that’s too high, or too low… I know, which is it, right? Anyway, check it out.

Ok here’s a question I can answer. A few years back (while going through menapause) I had the sameting going on. Always checkjed my bs when it happened. Mt Gyno told me that it was the start of Menapause. He ask me if I had trouble telling a low from the night sweats and O of course said yes. To me it sounds like what I went through for a few years there.

I second Doris’ suggestion that it sounds like perimenopause. Drenched like that is what happens.

A related question – do women with diabetes go through “the change” earlier than other women? I’ve read “yes,” but then I’d trust other women to answer that question a bit more than medical studies (as I would trust other women’s answers about lots of women’s health issues more than medical studies, since women simply aren’t studied enough for definitive answers).

I would say maybe a hot flash during the night, but if you haven’t started feeling those regularly, not too likely. You could have been low during the night and then had a liver dump to bring you back up to 115. If it continues I would set an alarm and test during the night.

Oh yeah, and try making your covers/the room cooler. I was waking up regularly covered in sweat awhile back and wondering about my blood sugar. Then I put away my cozy down comforter for the summer and switched to a quilt and no more sweat…duh…

I had about 8 - 10 drenching night sweats over a 3 year period as I started into menopause. Very irratic. Once twice in one night. Once a year break betwen them. If your night BS #'s are OK, I’d guess hormones are your culprit…those boogers.

It might also be a good idea to check the known side effects of any medications you might be on. I was having a similar situation and realized it was a side effect of my antidepressant. I was able to cut back on the dosage and now it doesn’t happen nearly as often.

Both me and a few other’s that one of my Drs treats are diabetic and all of us D’s have had it quicker than the other women but that’s just his opinion

I know this doesn’t answer ur question; however, I’ve been dealing w/night sweats for a looong time. My Endo blames hormones & my Ob/Gyn blames blood sugars…hmmmm?..where does that leave me?—w/night sweats

Nice…pass the bill once again doc!

It leaves you having to figure it out for yourself – lame, huh?

No sh*!, Kelly and Capri. :slight_smile: