Running My Final Marathon

On Sunday i ran my final race,The group i ran with who are made up of those suffering with diabetics and cardiovascular disease in the end we where made up of eleven that day,We are made up of health care professionals and former patients but all suffer with hart or diabetes or both,One member had a hart transplant some two years ago and ran in 4 hours and 25 minutes the quickest was 3 hours 12 minutes.My own time was 5 hours and 23 minutes.Its worth all the pain and am going through at moment and yes every part of me bloody hurts and my feet are pretty bruised and bled.I hit the wall at 21 miles and my running partner i was with kept me going and sometimes psychically pulling me by my shirt at times but its he i owe much to for the past 18 months for making me carry on with running,I had incremental amounts of reserve glucose in my joints and eating 4000 cals day added reserves plus the morning of the race eating a mass amount of carbs but it kept me going,So my days of long distance running are now over.So this week am recovering at home and spending every day watching the Olympics on TV and watching and enjoying every moment.

Congratulations on achieving that final run.

Great job! How was your BG for the run? We ran 16 last weekend, training for Chicago in October. Not good or bad sort of a ‘meh’ run.

Heck I think a 3 mile walk is a lot of exercise. A full marathon now that's impressive. Congrats on making the finish.

Gary S